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Blood clottting tests during LC diagnosis

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My mum is undergoing tests at the moment and has been told she probably has a tumour in her right lung... she has a needle biopsy booked for next Tuesday and is having blood tests later this week for clotting? Has anyone else had this type of blood test prior to LC diagnosis? And why are they doing it?

Thanks x

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Hi Missdwatts, Sorry I am not much help, however I would have thought the blood clotting test is just a formality, before they decide whether your mum needs surgery or not.

You should be able to talk to a lung cancer nurse specialist at the hospital. You may have already been assigned one. They are invaluable for being supportive and giving advise.

Good luck to you and Mum. xx

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Thanks jillygirl, I never thought of it just being a formality before deciding on surgery! We are second guessing about everything at the moment as my mum has been told very little and has not been assigned a CNS as yet. I am so grateful to be able to ask questions on here!

D x

Hi Misdwatts,

Some blood tests are done to evaluate the blood for its ability to clot. They are often carried out routinely before procedures such as needle biopsy to evaluate how likely the patient is to have a bleeding or clotting problem during or after the procedure.

Best wishes,

All the team at Roy Castle Helpline

Thank you 😊

I was diagnosed with a tumour in my right lung last October. I had a Biopsy and it was proved to be a Carcinoid tumour and Thankfully it was Benign. I had an operation to remove it on 19th December which was successful. They also had to remove some Lymph Nodes surrounding the tumour which was also Benign ( thank God ). I am saying this, as your mums tumour might not be cancerous. You do have few blood tests before Biopsy. Keep your chin up, and hopefully things will turn out well for your mum.....Wishing her well.

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Thank you Helenmack45! It is so good to hear positive stories 😊 Wishing u all the best x

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