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Bronchoscopy after blood clot on lung and pneumonia


My aunt is usually very active and outgoing, however, in October she was admitted to hospital with pneumonia, she seemed to recover and then had a blood clot on the lung, she was in hospital for over two weeks on oxygen. she had ct scans and xrays and was discharged. she has just received a letter requesting that she goes for a bronchoscopy. does this sound as though cancer is suspected? she is very frightened and assuming the worst.

Thank you for any advice

Zoe xx

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Something must have shown up on CT scan. My husband had pneumonia and a blood clot 3 times before he was referred for a bronchoscopy. It could still be from her pneumonia so it is best not to worry until you have the results. If it is cancer in the early stages it can be curable. Later stages are treatable. Try not to worry until you have a definite diagnosis.


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Thank you for your reply, do you think they would have mentioned to her that they suspected something? as this bronchoscopy has come as a surprise to her. I hope everything is ok with your husband x


Sadly my husband was eventually diagnosed with incurable lung cancer but he is still here! At present NED (no evidence of disease), has problems from chemo but the other option would have been worse.

It could have been that the radiologist report hadn't been read by the doctors looking after your aunt before you aunt was discharged. The doctors wouldn't have said anything about cancer until they have a positive report from the biopsy.

I hope she is taking a blood thinner now.

Waiting for the results will be a difficult time so don't worry too much as you may have nothing to be worried about.


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Oh my, I'm sure that has been an extremely tough time for your family! but just goes to show that where there's life there's hope.

Thanks for your advice, I just hope I'm worrying about nothing... just feel as though all the signs point toward lung cancer but time will tell x



Waiting for results was the worst time. It took 6 weeks even though he was fast tracked by his GP. Went to ambulatory care same day! Hope you are in an area with a good NHS hospital. If it does happen to be Lung cancer, push for a 2nd opinion at one of the centres of excellence. My husband also takes supplements to improve his immune system. 80% of the immune system comes from gut bacteria! You will also need to be an advocate for your aunt and find out as much as you can so you can provide good support! A positive attitude helps as well.

Once you have a diagnosis and a plan of action, you can go forward. My husband was a responder to chemo and maintenance. Had chemo for 8 months, every 3 weeks. It was stopped due to kidney damage. No chemo for over two years and one since radiotherapy for an axillary lymph node, which was never tested for cancer, NHS zapped it. No growth since treatment.

We take each day, go on holiday etc. Time will tell whether he makes 5 years!

If you do need any advice please ask.



Hi Zoe

Sorry to hear your Aunt has been unwell.

It may be a good idea for your Aunt to make a double appointment with the GP to ask why a bronchoscopy has been requested, and I would assume your Aunt is on anti coagulants, as this would need to be considered prior to bronchoscopy.

The GP would have a discharge letter from the hospital and possibly any reports.

The waiting in the dark is such a torment, as you do not know what you are dealing with. The more information you both have the better.

There are other things that are not cancer that could be seen on xray and CT scans (e.g old TB scarring tissue) even though the person has not had TB. If there is a diagnosis of cancer, it could be an incidental finding which may mean an early diagnosis , where there is better choice of treatment and perhaps prognosis.

Please keep us updated how it all goes.

We have a free nurse led helpline if you or your Aunt wish to discuss anything on

0333 323 7200.

All the best

The Roy Castle Support Team


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