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Positive Response to chemo while having heart problems as well as diabetes

Hi my mum is 72 she had the middle lobe of her right lung removed in February this year and was all clear, then in June this year she deleloped 2 lumps at the inscision sites, it was then revealed with an ultrasound and biopsy that it was cancer. Mum had a pet scan a few weeks later and it showed cancer in her liver, bone some lymph nodes as well as the lumps at the inscision sites, the cancer had seeded and she was diagnosed with stage IV nsclc. The lumps where the cancer seeded in the inscision scars have fungated and are proving troublesome, she received palliative radiation and it had minimal effect and she has just undergone another round of palliative radiation on those areas. Yesterday the oncologist said the only thing left to try is chemo but he's very hesitant about doing it due to mums age and other health issues such as heart problems and diabetes. Has anyone had these health issues and got a positive response to chemo without getting really sick? Everything just seems hopeless like there's nothing else that can be done and just keep her comfortable.

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Hi Aussiegal1967,

I am very sorry your mum has a fungating wound at her incision line.If you have not already contacted the District Nurse regarding management of the wound you should do so via your GP.The district nurse will do a full assessment on your mum and arrange prescriptions for the best available dressing products which will be needed to manage the exudate(wetness),malodour,and the skin surrounding her wound.She/he will also arrange to follow up and be a good resource to advise regarding any issues which may arise as well as providing ongoing support to you both.

Kind regards,

All the team at The Roy Castle Helpline


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