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Could It still be cancer?

Hi Everyone,

I'm 51 & a smoker.

I've had a cough roughly for 5 months, I'm a smoker, I would normally cough in the morning, then a slight few throughout the day. I started coughing more in the day/evening in the last five months.

I've recently had a chest x-ray, which came back completely clear.

I have no pains, no loss of appetite, no symptoms other than a wheezing cough in the morning (not all the time though).

I do have abit of a runny nose though, I have taken all medicines, sinus medicines and nothing working.

I have an appointment with the doctor on Thursday, for a lung function test to check for COPD.

Could I still have lung cancer if the chest x-ray is clear?

Thank you,


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Hi June, it does sound like a chest infection. However your doctor will probably advize you, on the chances ofyou having lung cancer. Sometimes cancer doesnt always show up on x rays , but I am no expert.

Whatever your doctor says , I would advise you to try and stop smoking.

If you go on to quit support community we can help you to quit , with no pressure.

Good luck for Thursday. Xx


Hello NeedingAdvice1965, symptoms can be caused by many things, a chest x-ray is the first investigation used and will show if there is anything abnormal in the lungs. As jilygirl has said your symptoms could be due to infection or allergy speak with your Gp about this. Cigarette smoking is a common cause of a chronic cough it would be advisable to stop or reduce the amount you smoke, below is a link to quit support on health unlocked.

If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our nurse led helpline number

0333 323 7200

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team


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