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Get it checked!

We all know that one of the symptoms of lung cancer is having a cough that doesn't go away after a few weeks, and that RCLCF encourages folk with this or other symptoms, to get it checked out. I'm not very good at taking advice, but I do know that the Foundation's advice is always GOOD!

Having had NSCLC twelve years ago, I get a wee bit concerned if I get a pain in the wrong place, or a cough that lasts a while. So, in mid-December, I started coughing. After a few weeks, I was just a tiny bit concerned, so visited my GP. He gave me a course of antibiotics but it didn't move the cough. So I got a wee bit more concerned.

I got another course of antibiotics then a chest X-ray. Nothing serious showed up. I had FOUR courses of antibiotics - and still had the cough. My GP sent my x-ray and a report to the respiratory clinic. I got a phone call from the GP last week, to say that there was nothing cancer-related in my lung, and the clinic had removed me from their 'urgent' list to their 'see you sometime' list. Good news!

This blog is simply to let you know that just because you have a cough of some other symptom, doesn't mean it's going to be bad news. It just means - get it checked. Today is my 69th birthday. I didn't expect to see my 58th!

Best wishes to all. Bill

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Happy Birthday Bill from all of us in the Roy Castle Glasgow office.

What a relief for you, now you can relax!

Keep up the good work, your support is so much appreciated.


Thanks Beth. I need to come and visit one of these days. x


Happy Birthday Bill & may you have many more! Glad all remains good with you. X


Thanks Alli. x


Hi Bill,

In no way do I want to be a Jeremiah or disturb your peace of mind, but I truly lost faith in X-Rays after my mother-in-laws experiences. I posted about this very recently. She had an X-Ray in January 2012 in which they stated that her lungs were clear. She was given another X-Ray when admitted to hospital in April 2012, and again given the all clear. At the families insistence she received a CT scan the very next day, and was then told she had stage IV lung cancer which had metastacised.

I note that there are others on this site and on other sites who have had sizeable tumours that remained undetected with X-Ray.


Hi Jonal

I hear what you're saying and I don't take anything for granted, because none of us know what's round the corner.

My comment about the x-ray result was simply to encourage folk not to ignore things like coughs etc., that they are not necessarily cancer related so get cheecked out. I too, know of people who have been mis-diagnosed and where tumours have not been detected when they should have.

Best wishes, Bill


Hi Bill,

The problem as I see it, is that a CT scan is obviously much more accurate, but increases X-Ray exposure significantly. It is also difficult even for those who have a long standing cough and concomitant respiratory problems to obtain an NHS CT scan. I am speaking from experience.

In the UK, GPs generally tend to go through a lengthy process of wait and see, plus trial and error of different investigations and treatments. Meanwhile the clock is ticking!

I have experienced the French system of investigation and treatment, and they are so different in terms of speed, quality and rigour.

I believe that this is why the UK lags so far behind our European neighbours when it comes to early diagnosis and treatment.

Our system needs to change to conform to the better European models. Unfortunately, this is highly unlikely given current and foreseeable financial constraints.

Best wishes.



Oh that made me feel good and gave me hope - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

It is always so nice to read something positive about this disease and it just proves that everyone is different - never give up hope eh! Regards


Thanks Jenthexwren! :)


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