I'm buzzing!!!!!

I'm absolutely buzzing, after going for a recent check up for my Lung Cancer and having had the lower third of my right lung removed only 2 years 8 months ago, my Consultant after having the usual tests and x-ray gave me the ALL CLEAR!!!!!! I said don't you want to keep an eye on me for the usual 5 years, no came the reply, you have have made great progress and I don't need to see you anymore!! Still take the nerve pain relief if you need to, but everything looks well ! I've been beaming and buzzing ever since. Just wanted to share my good news with everyone!!!! Thanks for reading and listening.

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  • Excellent news Glinda. :-)

    Best wishes, Bill

  • Thanks very much Bill x

  • Fantastic news Glinda, you should have a celebration this weekend. It's great to hear such good news..

    Cheers Rab

  • Hi, thank you very much. x

  • Yes fantastic news! Book a holiday! xx

  • Thank you, I'm looking for one, although I'm allowed to travel further than 4 hours flying time now! x

  • Fantastic happy news :)

  • Thank you very much :) x

  • Wow what fabulous news!

  • Thank you, I'm thrilled and still can't quite believe it !!! :)

  • I am so happy to hear that this disease can be cured. I am hoping to be able to share the same myself one day

  • Thank you, stay positive and focused. x

  • It's wonderful to hear your news as it gives so much hope to the newly diagnosed and helps us stay focused on beating this horrible disease. Although I am now Stage IV my last two scans have shown stable with no progression and that is good enough for me.

    Do hope you'll "pop" in and see us from time to time if just to give positive advice to newbies.

    Keep on with the celebrations. Moni x

  • Hi, will do, stay focused and positive and ask all the questions you can, ifs, ands and buts. For my operation, I had a VATS op due to the cancer being close to one of my major blood vessels, the Consultant up at Guys Hospital in London removed the lower third of my right lung, complete with the cancer, if they had just removed the cancer, cells could be left behind and I would have needed chemo or radiotherapy. But because they got it all in one go, I was fortunate. Still on the nerve pain relief and other medication but not quite 3 years and I'm still over the moon. Thanks everyone for your good wishes. S xx

  • Hi Glinda,

    I had my right lung removed at Guys last year,knowing you have the all clear after nearly 3 years is great news,You must still be on a high.

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