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Chemo being stopped!

Hello all, I posted a while ago, quick history Mum had lobectomy in Jan, all clear then cancer back in June, started chemo end July (4 rounds of 2 goes) had ct scan to check just got results yesterday and cancer is growing and moving around lungs even with chemo. Now mum should have had her first day of round 4 this week but it was cancelled as platelets too low, oncologist said go back next week but if platelets low again to not have 4th round. Also she said there is now no other treatment & she'll see us in a month, feel so lost as to what to do.

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Hello BusyBee75, I am sorry to hear that your mums chemo was cancelled due to her low platelets, it is understandable that you feel lost as you have not been given the option of a further treatment plan. Have you been in contact with the lung cancer specialist nurse or cancer nurse specialist involved with her care, she will be able to advise and support you on any treatment available and help to organise any further appointments you may need. At your next appointment hopefully your mums platelet count may have risen and the chemo goes ahead as planned, if not ask if there are any other options available or any clinical trails which may be suitable for your mum to be enrolled in. It is only natural at this time to feel anxious and to be worried as you do not know what is next step, the nurse specialist involved in your mums care will be able to give you support and advice.

If you wish to speak with someone or if we can be of any help please call on our fee phone helpline 0800 358 7200

Kind regards Roy Castle helpline


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