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Hi everyone, I am on. Short break with my very dear friend Linda in Edinburgh. Since having my radiotherapy treatment which finished on 12 August I have felt awful, no energy, appetite really don want to try anything so thought this little break in Edinburgh would do me good.

Is there anyone out there who has had a right lobectomy 60% removed followed by chemo treatment, then my Cancer returned and I was told it was terminl I was devasted but didn't give up hope, after another 4 sessions of chemotherapy which fortunately for me shrunk the tumour I then had 4 sessions of weekly radiotherapy which has left me feeling awful. I do take a rest in the afternoon and take things easy, anyone out there with any suggestions? Regarding my eating which is very difficult . I usually take 2 soluble paracetmol twice daily because I have been having pain in my side. I take 600mg Gabapantin and100mg of Zomorph. I do have Oralmorph If the pain and breathlessness get too bad.

Thanks again everyone


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Dear Hilde, all my best to you. My Dad has recently been diagnosed with advanced adenocarcinoma and in preparation for the side-effects like losing appetite, we have bought a slow masticating juicer for vegetables so that he can easily consume nutrients without too much effort (so far kale, carrots, beets, ginger which he has enjoyed). I have also read that when there is little appetite, ginger (like ginger tea or water with ginger slices soaked in it) helps to stimulate some appetite. We are also lucky that our local Maggie's support Centre is running a nutrition for cancer course that we hope to learn more from. Hope this helps a little on the eating front.



Thank you for contacting the Helpline.I am sorry you are experiencing these troublesome symptoms.Regarding your eating try and take 3 small meals a day and 3 small snacks a day.Try high energy foods like full fat milk and grated cheese.Keep these high energy foods within easy reach.Some supermarkets have small individual portions which are quite good.Cheese and crackers,dried fruit and peanut butter are a good way to get extra calories and protein throughout the day whilst you are away from home.Have nourishing drinks in between meals other than tea and coffee, for example. hot chocolate and avoid drinking to much fluid with your meals(as this will fill you up). When you get home your GP may be able to provide you with an appetite stimulant to help your appetite.

Regarding your pain in your side as you are only taking 2 paracetamol tablets twice a day and as this is not effective you should take your Oramorph at the dose which has been prescribed for you by your GP. As paracetamol is a non opioid drug you can take this with the Oramorph as well ( paracetamol can enhance the effect of the opioid).You have probably been prescribed a laxative to take if you are taking Oramorph(as it can cause constipation).You should take this when taking the Oramorph. I think you should discuss these symptoms with your GP when you return home.I do hope your symptoms improve.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Helpline if we can be of any further help 0800 358 7200.

Kind regards,

All the team at Roy Castle


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