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Hi everyone not posted for a while.My husband diagnosed with lung cancer stage3b with mets in lymph node in neck over the weekend the lump in his neck more than doubled in size overnight as it was his day to go for his final round of chemo went to clinic as usual was admitted to ward ? INFECTION OR MUMPS anyone else had this happen to them thanks for reading

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Sorry I can't offer any practical advice as haven't experienced this with my husband, he has cancer in lung, lymph node in shoulder and brain, but didn't want you to have no replies from anyone as I'm sure you're worried sick.

It's a good thing that they admitted him though as at least they can treat whatever is causing it and look after him.

I hope you are ok and looking after yourself, which I know is terribly difficult when you're worried about the person you love.

Rachel xx 


Thankyou so much for your reply.Had ultrasound today still undecided abcess or hematoma he on drip for antibiotics.My very best wishes to you and your husband.


Hi Newby234

What a worrying time for you. Your husband should receive the  right care now that he is in hospital and the problem seems to be getting investigated.  It is common for people to develop infections especially while receiving chemotherapy when their immunity is lowered.  Hopefully it will be a short stay for your husband and things will resolve soon. 


Thankyou for your reply  very much appreciated


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