should I be worried

Hi, hope you are all as well as you can be, on Thursday I went for a clinic appointment with oncologist after finishing chem, had a chest xray and bloods took he said he was happy with the xray but when I mentioned i had headache all week and felt a bit dizzy at times he said just to make sure he wanted me to have a whole body PET scan, as well as the CT scan I have booked for tomorrow at this rate I will be glowing in the dark lol, when I got home the same thing that happened on my last appointment they rang me with results of the blood test and my magnesium level was only 0.3 they told me to go to nearest A&E I was kept in overnight had 7 hours of transfusion also borderline anemic but didn't get a blood transfusion this time, what I am really worried about is I got the letter on Saturday for the PET scan on the 8th July it seems pretty quick and you tend to imagine all sorts of thoughts, after getting through chemo I thought things would be a bit easier ah well its all sent to try us, wishing each and everyone of you all the best.

Margaret x.

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  • Margaret

    Your chemo recovery has not been easy at all. Sorry to hear about the added hospital trips and worry. Try not to let your imagination run riot on the scan. It is really good that your consultant is following up on this with the PET. Hopefully as your body recovers from chemo the dizziness and headaches will diminish.

    The PET scan has been ordered so the consultant knows exactly what is going on with your body. Hopefully it will offer reassurance that you have responded to the chemo.

    Do keep us posted on how tomorrow goes, we have our fingers crossed for you and are here to listen/ reply if there is anything that we can help with,

    best wishes


    on behalf of the Information & Support team

  • Thank you Lorraine, I will try not to worry and I will keep you all posted.

    Margaret x

  • Don't worry Margaret - the same thing happened to me - the PET scan was the next week and I panicked but my lung nurse reassured me that is how they do things -as quickly as they can. Good luck with it and hope the results are reassuring. Xx

  • Hi Margaret ,try not to worry ,although I know that is a hard one .It is good that it is quick because the worry period is shorter, also a lot of these chemo drugs cause headaches I usually put my headache down to withdrawal from caffeine as tea and coffee usually is repulsive on chemo weeks.Good luck with your scan hopefully all wild be well ,thinking of you a.Diane x

  • Margaret, I don't feel you need to worry at all. It seems that things are happening in a timely manner-which is good. It's better to have the scan now than for it to be delayed. I would worry if you were put off and have delays. I think your team is working in a conscienceous manner. Put a great big smile on your face and say "This will be a great day" Positive, my dear, Positive. Barbara

  • Thank you all for reassuring me, I do tend to worry, I had my CT scan today with contrast and they also scanned my head that's why I don't understand why I have to have a PET scan so soon after but they must know what they are doing wishing you all very best wishes.

    Margaret x

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