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Update on lung nodules

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Thought I'd update everyone after all of the wonderful support that I received on here. I attended my outpatient appointment to find out my PET scan results as I'd been told that one of my three lung nodules had increased from 6mm to 7mm.

I was absolutely petrified as to what the Consultant was going to say as he seemed to get me into clinic quite quickly I felt. Apparently the nodules have not increased in size and so I will have yet another CT in November. The only thing is, they found that my lymph nodes in my neck are enlarged so I'm to have an ultrasound guided biopsy. I'm relieved to say the least about my nodules but obviously I'm not celebrating just yet until I know what is going on in my neck. From December I had kept telling multiple GP's that I felt pressure on the right side of my neck but they kept dismissing that and all the other symptoms and have been keen to diagnose me as anxiety or depression, it's only recently when I asked for a senior GP to request a private ultrasound to check my neck (as I wasn't happy with the feeling there) that he reluctantly requested one, of which is planned for next week.

Has anyone any experience of lymph node issues in their neck please?

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Good to hear that the lung nodules have not increased in size. Lymph nodes can become enlarged due to a variety of things including illness,infection and stress.It is good that you were proactive in requesting an ultrasound. Best wishes for your forthcoming ultrasound guided biopsy.

If you would like to speak to one off the Helpline nurses please call 0800 358 7200(Option2) Monday-Thurdsay 9.00am-5.00pm, Friday 9.00am-4.00pm.

Kind regards,

All the support team at the Roy Castle Helpline

Thankyou for your reply, that's very kind of you. I'll keep you all posted

Hi Bunny - that’s great news on your results you must be over the moon but I get why you don’t want to celebrate just yet. I did have an issue with my neck as it was that lump that then defected what was going on in my lung, so your very in tune with your body as my tumour is in the cm’s and not mm’s unfortunately! The biopsy might help tell them what genetic mutation you may have and then if you need treatment they can tailor it to you. Best of luck xx

Thankyou for your support, what do you mean by mm's and com's though?

Sorry yes typo - Size, millimetres and centimetres !! Xx

I'm sorry i misunderstood, I'm a bit dense at times... thankyou for taking the time to reply to me.

I think she means mm and c ms in size

I had a swelling in my neck when I went to A&E but this was 'ignored' until I pointed it out to paramedics the next day when admitted by ambulance and spent a week misdiagnosed as uncontrolled asthma. paramedics thought it may be due to reaction from meds I'd been given the night before (steroids/antibiotics). later told likely to be lymph nodal reaction. recently had the same thing but told it may be lipoma as have gained weight and also having difficulty swallowing. lymph glands respond to many triggers and may not be serious so personally I'd be celebrating that the nodules haven't grown. good luck.

That's interesting to read your experience thankyou. My symptoms started suddenly in December with shortness of breath, fatigue and feeling faint and I felt pressure to right side of neck and upper right breast, it wasn't comfortable. My throat feels like there's something stuck currently. I'm having lung function tests at the end of this month to check asthma too. That's an interesting connection with asthma and lymph nodes. I'm puzzled as to what is actually the matter, my bloods have been okay, I have seen the results too. I'm awaiting my CT head and neck results that I had done under ENT recently too and I'm awaiting to see the Endocrinologist in a couple of weeks ( I had to insist on this referral too, as have hyperpigmentation and was running out of options to get my medical riddle solved).

I didn't have asthma - it was a misdiagnosis - I hadn't had asthma in years - had it as a child/young adult but not had it in diagnosis - it turned out to be lung cancer. I've had the swallowing difficulties and extreme sore throat as first symptoms and having had tonsils out aged 3.5, this was completely unfamiliar to me. In recent years it's been clinically proven twice that I do not have asthma (not only lung function tests but also mantitol challenge test) which is why I didn't and don't respond to asthma medication.... but have now been diagnosed as ILO (formerly known as VCD vocal cord dysfunction) and dysfunctional breathing - as my breathing has become distorted with the majority of breathing done in upper chest/shallow rather than using diaphragm properly through the lungs/abdomen - possibly from high number of infections/bronchoscopies in recent years as initially recovered well from lung surgery. Sounds as if you're being offered a thorough work-up of tests so hopefully they will draw the right conclusions for you for any treatment..... I'm currently seeing a speech and language therapist/respiratory physiotherapist for exercises to relearn how to breathe correctly and correct the distortion which they think has gone on for some time. as others have said, lymph nodes can swell for many many reasons so hope you have some answers before too long. good to have the tests to eliminate causes as much as to rule in things. good luck.

Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply to me.

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