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My Mums got lung cancer

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Just been diagnosed with lung cancer, she's 80 yrs old generally in good health. She's sees an oncologist this week,what I would like to know,how much detail will she be told about the type of cancer,stage it's in?.All we know at the moment is that surgery is not an option.she does have to go for an MRI scan as there is a shadow on her spine but have said it could be osteoporosis.

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Ahh good luck to u and Ya mamma. I think u should just ask. I have no experience with this but I felt I needed to just reply. Xx

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Thanks for your kind wordsXx

Get all imformation ask what kind of cancer she has an at what stage it's a good idea to take someone with you as most ppl don't hear anything once cancer has mentioned she's ur mum you want the best for make sure u listen to what ur mum wants not what u would like hope all goes as well as it can wishes to you both


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claregreg in reply to m3p9

Thanks for your reply,I will listen to my mum and my sister is now coming with me as well.

They will tell you anything you ask. I have lung cancer which has spread to spine, liver and kidney. I have had one lot of chemo and 2 lots of radiotherapy. They can not operate they can only give me treatment to make me comfortable and hopefully prolong my life. They asked if I wanted to know how long they thought I may have but I didn't. So far all tumours have shrunk and some little spots gone. The health of your mother and age will come into it with what treatment is offered. Everyone is different and just because some conditions appear to be the same does not mean the out come will be the same. You will only know what is what when you are told by the consultant.

All the best

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Thank you for your response and good wishes for your future.

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Hello Clare

think you have had some good advice from the forum. It is a good idea to have your sister around for the appointment, it is a lot to take in so having 2 or 3 sets of ears will help. As suggested the consultant will try and gauge what you and your mum want to know and explain. They may not yet have her full staging, depending on what tests she has had. Her results will be discussed by her medical team (sometimes called MDT) who will make suggestions for what kind of treatment might be appropriate.

If it is useful we have a pack called "Lung cancer: Answering your Questions" and can post a copy to you free of charge, or you can have a look on

If we can help call our Freephone helpline on 0333 323 7200 option 2.

best wishes


on behalf of the Information & Support team @Roy Castle

Thanks Lorraine,I have got the information pack they did give it to us at the consultation and it has been useful.

Good news,we saw oncologist with my Mum and there's no cancer on her spine and cancers not aggressive,consultant was positive about treatment and hopefully curable.Mum's in good general health for her age,chemotherapy starts next week,we know next three months will be tough but there's hope Xx

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Good news abandoned good luck to your mum.


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That should have read and not abandoned. Doh!!!

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