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Mum's deteriorated rapidly

Hi mum has had chemo(didn't work) but was hospitalised for 10 days over Xmas due to lung clots, chest infection then put on steroids since then she literally can't walk properly, can't push herself up if on floor etc

Consultant stopped steroids yesterday as thinks they're causing mobility problems. He told us Mum has the right cancer/protein to try immunotherapy but is too ill at the moment we are heartbroken we see him in a month to see if she can go for it then.

But mums gp spoke to me yesterday and alluded to the fact mum may not last a month

I just can't believe all this and don't know who to contact for support for us both

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Hi busy bee...I am so sorry to read your post...I do not have any answers for you ...but I just wanted to say hope things with you are bearable and that pretty soon someone with a bit of knowlage will soon post on here and hopefully allay a worry or two xxxxxx


Hi there Busybee75, I am so sorry to hear that your Mum has gone downhill, I truly hope she will regain some strength so that she could try the immunotherapy.

Do you have contact with a Macmillan nurse yet? They can provide all kinds of support for you.


Hi I am deeply sorry to hear about your mums health deteriorating so rapidly, please contact the Macmillan team they will help and support everyone through this difficult time. Also contact your gp and they will support you. My husband has the following support network to help and support him:- oncologist, gp, district nurses, Macmillan nurses and also a Councellor at the hospital. All of these people are there for both us in times of crisis. Good luck and I hope and pray your mum makes some improvement to allow her to start the next course of treatment xx


So sad to hear about your mum! So hard to give words of encouragement but my husband came back from being so sick, but rallied,he's still doing Kemo but things can change. Will be praying for you!!

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Hi Busybee75

This must be a very distressing time for you and your family.As Elaine has said there are lots of health and social care professionals who will be able to provide you with support.

You should (if you have not already done so)in the first instance contact the district nurse who is attached to your GP practice.You will get the number from the GPs receptionist (if you don't already know it).You can self refer,you don't need to go through the GP.He/She will carry out a full assessment of your mums needs as well as the needs of the family.She/he will develop a plan of care together with you and can also refer you to other health and social care professionals she thinks appropriate(for example occupational therapist for any bed/bath aids needs).She/he will also give advice about any symptoms your mum might have e.g pain,breathlessness,constipation etc and provide ongoing support with medications etc and will visit her at home. If the ansaphone comes on leave a message,don't just hang up,leave your contact details. The DN on call will phone you back.

From the information you have given your mum might be eligible for some financial benefits which might be useful FORM DS1500 ,again,speak to the district nurse about this.

The district nurse will liaise with your GP after she/he has assessed your mum and will keep you informed and offer emotional advice as well as practical support which you may need.

With kind regards,

All the team at the Roy Castle Helpline.


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