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Terminal Lung cancer

I have just finished 3mths of chemo (30th March) and the tumor showed that it had shrunk by more than half. At the time of seeing my consultant ,the CT I had to have for end of chemo results report had not arrived (22nd April) but he was able to see the tumor via the images jsut didn't have the CT consultant summary.

A week after seeing the consultant a letter arrived asking for me to have a MRI for whole of spine. I also have secondaries in spine,liver and kidneys. The MRI was not mentioned at the meeting and so don't know if, this because what had been seen on the CT or it's precedure. I had radiotherapy for the spine in Jan.

I will be seeing the consultant June 10th as a follow up.

If anything was seen on CT or MRI would they see me before June 10th? I have started getting pain again in my shoulder which had stopped whilst having the chemo. Does this sound like the tumor has started growing again and, would it be as big as it was after only just over a month since chemo finished and less than a month from seeing consultant and getting results of shrinkage.

I don't know if I am meant to report pain when it returns as I am having bone injections which can cause pain to.

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Hello heresdeb

Sorry to hear you have are getting a new pain, though tumour shrinkage on chemo sounds like a positive step.

It sounds as though your appointment on June 10th was a standard follow up from your chemotherapy. If you have already been treated for spine secondaries then it would be within normal practice to send you for an MRI to monitor the response from your radiotherapy.

As you say the bone pain may relate to your injections. Rather than assuming the worse and worrying about it, it is worth contacting your Lung Cancer Nurse and making them aware of your new pain and the concerns you have about it. They will be able to assess this and decide whether it might be better to do further investigation or review your medicines.

best wishes


on behalf of the Information & Support team



Ok thank you


Hi HeresDeb. .......

I'm so sorry to hear your having such a rough time. I know your post is from 22 days ago. I was just going through older posts and saw yours. Was thinking maybe you have some positive news by now. I'm really surprised you didn't get more replies to your post. How are you doing Heres Deb? ☺☺

Rubyxx 😊



Since I last come on here I have been to see my consultant due to pain in my shoulder which I thought was my lung. On my MRI it showed all tumors had shown surprising shrinkage except one but didn't look to be causing any compression. I have been put forward to see the radiographer about more radiotherapy due to the pain. Though out my chemo I was asked if I had any pins and needles which I didn't but now I have in my feet. Other than that all's well


Having more radiotherapy on a double tumour covering T1-T5 of the spine. I have pins and needles in hands and feet which started before the radiotherapy and have been told it's the affects of the chemo. I now have a swelling on top of right foot and bottom just below heel also a very small lump at top of right leg. All my original cancer is on left side and now wondering if it is spreading to my right now.

Like I said previously, I had a MRI which showed the shrinkage. Would the MRI show anything on the right and would they have been looking for more growths ? My feet are painful cause of the pins and needles and the swelling on the right foot. I know you can experience more pain whilst having the radiotherapy and it can also be felt in other area's but the swelling start before.


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