MRI brain scan? HOw often during first 2 years?

STage Ib nsclc - lobectomy in September - no chemo or radiation. 3 month CT with injection scan all clear at major cancer centre in U.K. THey also did an X-ray. In 3 months another X-ray to compare , then in six months again a CT scan plus x ray (injection type), then so on. HAd a brain MRI in September pre lobectomy - now told the next one will be next September i.e. One year after the first. IM not happy with a yearly brain MRI - to me it feels a bit "show symptoms first". Can I push for an earlier one? SHould I? It would be done on insurance I think. THank you all and feeling good about the first set of results .

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  • I'm a stage 2 nsclc who had a lobectomy in July. I've just had my ct at 3 months following chemo and had to push for another chest ct in 6 months. In this area my next ct chest would have been at 18 months and no more after that with 6 monthly chest X-rays! I don't think brain MRI routinely done. Which area do you live in? The follow up seems so variable with no set guidance. It's something I'm trying to get more info on so would be really interesting to see what happens in different areas.

  • Hi Hftb, I once questioned this to my oncologist, apparently when you get your chest xrayed it also shows the lower part of your brain.

    Also I did have an M.r.i. scan and they said they dont like doing too many scans due to the radiation.

    I would enquire with your lung cancer nurse specialist if I were you.

  • Hi Hopeforthebest,

    Good to hear that all is clear at your follow up. Follow up brain scanning is dependent on local guidelines. You should discuss with your specialist the fact that you may have the opportunity to have a brain scan earlier than planned privately should they think that this would be appropriate in your case. The question to ask the specialist might be; would a more intensive follow up with 6 monthly CT brain scan enable early detection of distant recurrences at an earlier stage in patients who are asymptomatic, therefore allowing earlier interventions to take place.

    You might also want to ask also ask if there are any disadvantages of frequent scans.

    Kind regards,

    All the team at Roy Castle Helpline.

  • Thank you Roy castle team. This S a great way through put it as it's polite but clear too and they're good and I think the onc is probably brilliant so I think he'd be receptive. Thank you

  • HI I'm in London at the leading cancer hospital there - please feel free to message me privately - happy to give full details of doc etc. DIana it is so good of you to reply. I am no expert but I would not be happy to get just X-rays. I have to bear in mind that my X-ray was always clear - othing showed up. I do take on board that my doc is going to compare one to another - that makes sense as they should look exactly the same. But I think I would alsolutely insist on CT scans every six months for two years. IM looking in America who at th big centres seem to do this minimum. I was worried about on.y every six months but I get the radiation worries etc. But I am going to have these CT chest and stomach every six months for two years even if I have to. IVe house o make this happen!! Thank you again x

  • I! Sorry this was meant for Jackie - do t know where I got diana from! Thanks for the replies guys!

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