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Rapid decline

Hello, my mom was dx stage 3 Oct 3rd then after a week of radiation therapy combined with chemo carbo/almita she had malignant pleural effusion and was given a new staging of 4,not curable on Nov 7th, as of Dec 27th she decided to stop chemotherapy, she did three weeks of pallative chemo with just worsening symptoms and more effusion leading to pneumonia and a plurex drain. She is now under hospice care. She has been doing well, pain managed properly, and very happy n peaceful. But today she is looking waxed over, lethargic, laughing spells, hallucination and telling me it's time for her to go home ): I called hospice and her oxygen is at 86, left lung is completely collapsed now, she is breathing using her diaphram and the right lung has rattling sounds. I'm heart broken as my mind is telling me she will be gone soon. Seems so fast, so unfair. She is just 58. This is the most devistating event in my life. This is me and my mama tonight, right before she told me that she was ready to go home.

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Dear Coco,

I am so sorry to hear about your Mums diagnosis and rapid decline. It is possible that perhaps she is getting too much of the pain relief but is also oxygen deficient, both of which could explain her current symptoms. Hopefully the hospice team will be able to explain things to you and get her more comfortable. Thinking of you,

Best wishes, Beth, on behalf of information and support.


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