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Cancer drugs in Wales or not?

Please can anyone help with obtaining cancer drugs in Wales? My partner, 59, was diagnosed with NSCLC in January 2014, and was told it was terminal after a massive,7 litres, malignant pleural effusion. He has had 6 treatments of carboplatin and pemetrexet chemo. and has been told that because it is alk positive he needs crizotinib drugs. These are available on nhs Scotland and on English cancer drug fund list, but not in Wales. The consultant is putting in an Individual Patients funding request for the drug, but there are no guarantees that it will be granted. We are trying to increase our mortgage so that we can cover the £4000+ monthly cost of this drug. The only bit of advice I have received is that we could move to England as others have done and access the English drug fund. Any advice would be gratefully received. I am sure we are not the only people going through this.

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sorry you have not had much response. Are you making any progress with the Individual Funding/

It must be a difficult time for you and I hope you are getting the support you and your husband need,

best wishes



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