Cancer Drugs Fund availability

You may be aware of this petition already, we shared a post about it a while ago, and on our facebook page. It’s the last day to sign. The petition is about the Cancer Drugs Fund which will have 25 drugs removed from use this month; this will have an impact on cancer patients quality of life and life expectancy. It’s not just lung cancer this affects, it’s other cancers too. Please will you sign and share?


Information & Support team

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  • I'm a stage 4 lymphoma large B Cell surviver. Now approaching 5yrs. There are always trade offs in any treatment. I am sorry your PRIME MINISTER IS NOT FOLLOWING HIS PROMISE TO ALL OF YOU. I PRAY THERE IS A CHANG OF HEART ON HIS PART.

  • Morning Lorraine, I did sign the petition when you first posted it but I'm not sure if my signature is valid from this side of Hadrians Wall. Here's hoping.


  • Hi, I signed and posted on facebook. I never normally post anything on facebook so it's a special occasion. ;) All the best for the weekend Kx

  • Thank you all for your support. Will keep you posted on the news,

    best wishes


    information & support team

  • Done !

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