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My husbands cancer is terminal its not responded to chemo its continued to grow with new tumors appearing. Today we have received a call to say from our Oncologist to say he is now eligible for the new Immunotherapy drug that was passed only last week by Nice and that the results were very encouraging in advanced Cancers. Should we feel lifted? We daren't raise our hopes, anybody know anything about it or heard any good news stories.

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  • Wishing you all the best. Inspire the American website has stories about peoples responses to different drugs. It maybe worth posting on there as well x

  • Any ideas please what to google X

  • Try Team Inspire Lung Cancer, it should bring up the American Lung Association and then you can join their website in the same way as Roy Castle one. Any problems let me know Xx

  • Hi Aiden , like Bow says have a search on the american sites , they are usually ahead of the uk. I am sure it would be worth a try. All the best to you both and please keep us posted.

    :) xx

  • Any ideas what to google please x


    or if you type in the name of the drug they are offering you should come up with some answers.

    Cancerresearch .uk is also a good site.

  • Hi Aiden, it would appear that this is a treatment that offers a very high success rate. Hope you find this to be the case for your husband.

  • Hi

    I'm really sorry to hear this and am following your post as my mum has just had her scan to see if the chemo has had any effect on her cancer. She was diagnosed 8 weeks ago with SCLC which is very aggressive and has had 4 cycles of chemo so far.

    We see the oncologist on Thursday for the results of the scan and I'm dreading it, can only hope that it has worked. Her 5th chemo cycle is scheduled for this Friday but I presume that will depend on the scan results.

    I hope you find some hope with the new treatment offered, I am praying for you both.

    Jacqui x

  • Hi, I wonder if the drug your talking about is Pembrolizumab? There has been a lot of talk in the press about Nivolumab and how NICE hasn't approved its use, but Pembrolizumab is virtually the same drug made by a different drug company. I think you should be well lifted by being offered this. I have been offered it too as a future plan. If I can help further please pm me.

  • Thanks for your response yes that's the drug they have said he potentially will be having, they said he has the right PD-1 levels.

  • Hello Aiden2014,

    Pembrolizumab or Keytuda was approved by NICE at the beginning of December as a second line therapy for those who are PDL1 positive. This means that patients who live in England and Wales will now have access to this drug therapy. below is a link to cancer research web site it will give you some information as to how the drug is administered, it is also used in the treatment of melanoma.

    Please give us a call on our helpline if you want to talk through your questions, we are happy to listen and to offer any help, our free phone number is 0800 358 7200

    Kind regards The Roy Castle Helpline

  • My heart goes out to yall. My husband had high hopes for the Opdivo Treatments. After 3 it did nothing & cancer spread throughout his body like wildfire. I pray this new one works for him. I lost my husband on December 7, 2016. Don't give up, everyone responds differently. Hugs & prayers!! ♡

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