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The Outcome of treatment is soon!

Its nice to see Jillygirl on this site - makes me feel very much at home. I have now completed 4 x cycles of chemo and radio x 20. It was very aggressive treatment and I know the odds are poor - but I am hoping for at least a good shrinkage of the tumour. I have my contrast CT scan on Monday and the MacMillan Lung specialist nurse has promised to phone me with the results by the end of the week. I have no idea what I should expect from the treatment (cure, shrinkage etc) I am not sure that if it hasn't gone if they will offer more chemo. The next week will be the slowest one in my life!! I am trying to just live in the day, and not project - but it is hard to do after the last 6 month rollercoaster!! I am told the tumour is inoperable because of its location, it is also the size of a tennis ball, so I really don't know what to expect in the results! Is there anyone out there who can identify with a similar condition/history?? Thanks guys - and hope the New Year brings what you all most dearly want. :)

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Hello, I can totally relate as my mum is going through the exact same. She is 67 diagnosed in June and had 4 chemo and 20 radio as like you. Due to location non operable. Her CT in November showed a good reduction and she is now under the Respiratory team not oncology. We think this is good news although she is living with a lot of pain which I worry about.

She struggles to eat, the food seems to get so far down and it physically hurts her and you can see it. If anyone else has similar or knows of anything that will ease or help her cope with the pain better I would love to know. The consultant says this pain could take some time to clear. She also has a constant cough and has had a couple of chest infections which again we are told is normal as immune system is not great and her lungs cannot cope with the usual cold in the way healthy lungs can.

I hope your CT is as you would expect and that 2014 is a less bumpy ride for you.


i had the same 2 years ago,not nice at the time but now back at work and everything going well

good luck for your future


Thanks for the welcome Vee, I dont come on this site a lot as I feel a bit of a fraud when I read other members problems. I do empathise with everyone affected by cancer. Lots of vibes were sent to you yesterday, and all fingers and toes crossed. take care. xxxx


Thank you all for sharing your experiences. Vera and Jilly nice to see you on the site, you know you have a dual nationality covering here and Quit support, hope you feel the benefits of both sets of friends.

Vera hope things have gone well with your results. It is a roller coaster experience and not knowing what to expect is tricky, I hope your treatment is managing the tumour - sometimes that means shrinking it, or it not growing/ progressing. Sending you best wishes and hoping some of our other members can share their experiences.

June - if you have not already seen our information on managing the side effects symptoms of lung cancer - this might be helpful for your mum. Our information materials are available from our website or by using our Freephone helpline, 0333 323 7200, option 2

best wishes


on behalf of the Information & Support team


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