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can you help

Has any one had chemotherapy called Docetaxel (Taxotere ) if so how did you get on with it,My husband has been told he can have this chemotherapy , He has already had chemotherapy this will be his second lot of chemotherapy, we have been told that the chemotherapy not for a cure but to try to manage to prolong life, but we have been told this second lot of chemotherapy has a lot more side affects, My husband just don't know what to do, the doctor told my husband that the second lot of chemotherapy can give him a chest infection ( that's just one of the side affects) and if that happen then he would have to have a stay in hospital, but my husband has a fear of having to stay in hospital , so he just don't know what to do,have it or not? he wants to be around for as long as he can but he don't what to spend the time he get in hospital, he wants to stay at home to the end, if any one can help let us know thanks. by the way the first lot of chemotherapy help in the way that they help with the lymph nodes they went down but it did not help with the lung cancer.

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