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To examine or not to examine that is the question!!

Hi, a question for you all.......... When you were undergoing treatment and seeing your oncologist on a regular basis did he or she only discuss your blood results and ask how you were feeling or did he or she ever take the time to examine you, i.e. feel your neck, armpits, check your torso. I have never been examined and wonder if I should be, or am I being unreasonable to expect an examination. It just seems that once you have been diagnosed and treatment commences no one is actually visibly checking your body for changes. Thought I'd just throw that out to you as a discussion point.

Moni x

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Hi there.

Yes, when I was undergoing chemo/radiotherapy in 2000, my specialist always gave me a check as described above. Don't recall her discussing my blood too much, but certainly showed interest in my general health and wellbeing, and made sure there were no lumps or similar, appearing on my body. She was excellent!

Best, Bill


Hi Moni, I was never physically examined by my oncologist, I did have all the usual checks e.g. weight, bloods etc, I just assumed that she was there to deal with the chemotherapy treatments and side effects etc, I was also having regular appointments with my cardiothoracic surgeon who did check my torso.




Although my oncologist does not give me an examination I do have an X-ray before I see him which he shows me to see my current situation and he discusses it with me. He also asks about how I feel and any different feelings. Once when I said I had discomfort in my abdomen he did examine me.


Hi Moni thats a really good question. I was examined by respiratory specialist prior to diagnosis in May, and have not been examined since. I have my first CT scan on Monday 5th August following 8 wks on the Iressa tablets, and my second appointment with Oncologist on 14th August for the results...keeping my fingers crossed they are favourable. I will ask the question should I be examined, and if not ask if they will examine me. Will let you know reply. Hope you are ok. Take care

Karen :-)


Hi Karen, it just seemed that apart from discussing blood results, which could easily be done over the phone, why not give the patient a quick examination. I also have a CT scan on Tues 6th Aug as I'll be between 3rd and 4th round of Carbo/Pemex and see oncologist on 15th Aug for results. A very anxious wait for us both. I'm trying so hard to stay positive but then I get a new twinge or ache and automatically think the worst something I wouldn't have given a second thought to prior to diagnosis. Am keeping everything crossed for both us and anyone else waiting for favourable results. Onwards and upwards. Moni x


Hi Moni I too will be keeping my fingers crossed for us both too. Let me know how you get on x

Thinking about my appointments with oncologist, I can recall them asking how I felt, but no recollection of discussing my bloods (maybe too early into treatment, since I've only seen him twice and still finding my way)

I understand what you mean about worrying...I may be viewed as reckless or in denal of my condition. I am trying to live my life as 'normal' as possible....we have just got back from a 3 week touring motorcycle trip of Spain. Loved every minute of it, did 2715 miles, saw some magnificent scenery, and stayed in some fantastic of all no one knew abt my condition....I felt normal again for a while. It did me a power of good, hopefully to see me through for a while.

Its hard being home, facing friends/family/medical professionals again. Will, like yourself stay strong, positive, and keep fingers crossed for us all x x take care


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