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Worst news ever

Hi Everyone

Not wrote a blog for a while cause mum's been so well but unfortunately for the past 6 weeks she has made a dramatic decline. She's in terrible pain all the time and has started to lose weight again. We went to see the consultant on Thursday and he has told us the tumor has woken up and there's nothing more they can do except control her pain. They offered her more treatment (palliative only) but the side effects are pretty nasty so she has decided to live whats left of her life on just pain relief.

As a family we are finding this very hard to come to terms with especially my brother who feels she has given up but I explained to him that it's her choice and we should think of it as quality of life over quantity of life. My sister gets married in September and mum's goal is to be there and to be as healthy as possible so she can see the last of her four children married. She's a very stubborn lady and I dont doubt she'll be there in her mother of the bride outfit with the biggest smile on her face.

She has just had a new great grandaughter born too so that has put a huge smile on her face but she also shed some tears as she realises she wont have much time with her.

I will write as often as I can with updates.

Stay strong everyone this battle isnt over yet.


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So desperately sorry to hear your news. Has your mum been offered an maintenance chemo programmes? I was diagnosed with Stage 4, incurable lung cancer and was on a maintenance programme last year where I had Avastin administered by IV. It gave me no side effects and held the tumour back for a further 12 months. I'm sure you have look at every possibility but thought I would mention it just in case. Please feel free to contact me should you require any further information. Your mum clearly is surrounded by a lovely family and has lots in her life to live for. May she smile smiles of pure joy at your sisters wedding and have lots of wonderful precious cuddles with her grandchild. x

With love, Tallulah xxx


Hi Deb

Sorry to hear the latest news from your mum. I hope her goals give her a focus to aim towards. I hope her palliative team are offering support as well as pain management. There may be good sources of support for yourself and your family through the local cancer centre, Maggies Centre or agencies such as Marie Curie. If you need any details do get in touch.

best wishes


Information & Support Team


Hi Lorraine

The MacMillan nurses have been fantastic. When she was first diagnosed I asked about some sort of counselling for my brother and youngest sister as they took the news really bad but there was nothing out there for us to attend as a family. We have learnt to support each other, to talk about our fears, cry and shout if thats what we want to do.

Thank you so much for your kind words.

Deb x


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