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The Start of the Fight

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Today my mum starts the long fight against this horrible disease with her first session of chemo. Mum was diagnosed 6 weeks ago with inoperable stage 4 lung cancer. As she has never smoked this came as a huge shock to the family. I am the eldest of 4 children and I had the horrible task of telling my two younger sisters and brother this awful news as mum and dad just couldn't. We are trying to stay strong for mum's sake but as you can all imagine this is really hard.

Our attitude to this cancer is that it's picked on the wrong family and we will all fight it tooth and nail. Mum is willing to go through whatever the consultants suggest as she's got a lot of family (my dad, four children, 8 grandchildren and a great grandchild) to live for.

The thought of my mum not being around is NOT an option so "cancer" you better watch you ass cause we are about to give it a very strong kick.

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Hi there.

I too had inoperable lung cancer - 12 years ago. I'm not certain what stage it was, but it was serious. One of the hardest things at the start, is telling dear ones. The next thing I think, is doing your best to be positive, which isn't easy at times. get all the best advice and guidance from the Cancer Nurse Specialist, and from organisations like Roy Castle and Macmillan.

Best wishes, Bill

Hi Debjmac, really sorry to hear about your Mum's diagnosis but sounds like she has a wonderful family around her to help her through this. If you need any more information or support, you can visit our main website where you can order booklets & DVDs I hope these help & good luck to you all. Kind regards, Emma

Great attitude, just remember to get support for yourselves too while giving your mum your support.many people do beat lung cancer, or get control of the disease. Wishing you all strength and hope for your battle

Thanks everyone for your kind words. Mum's first chemo session went without any hitches and she looked more relaxed than I've seen her in nearly 9 weeks.

Wishing you all good health x

Hi Debjmac,

I was also diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer early July, and I also was a non smoker, so I understand your mum's shock to hearing the news. I too was devastated upon hearing the news. And to ave to tell my 3 children. I have been on Iressa tablets now for 3 months. I too am strong and single minded, and will not let the cancer win!

So good luck to your mum and all your family as you need to be strong for each other.

God bless x

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Hi Georgie

Thank you for your kind words. I hope you stay well and strong too.

Take care and I will add you to my prays along with all the other cancer sufferers.

Stay strong xxx

Hello Debjmac,

I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer this year and was told they couldn't operate, also a non smoker and coming from a family where my parents didn't smoke either was a terrible shock. I feel for you being the one who had to tell your siblings. I'm afraid I wasn't strong enough to tell our young daughter and and my parents. Although I was in the room, I left the talking to my husband as I couldn't find the words. I have now had 12 chemo sessions 3 weeks apart and it is stopping the tumour from further growth which we are delighted about. Any hiccups along the way, like you, we have remained strong and positive and used this site for support and advice. You sound like you are in the right frame of mind, stay strong, work together and lets all beat cancer! With my best wishes and love xxx

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Hi Lulla

Thank for your kind words. Everyone has been so supportive not only friends and family but work too. I know mum will have some struggles along the way but with our love and support she WILL get through them.

Stay strong and keeping fighting.

Love and best wishes to you and your family xx

Hi Debjmac, so sorry to hear about your mum. I know exactly what you are going through my dad was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer in July... He's had 4 chemo sessions and is doing great... There are signs if improvement on his recent X-ray and he's had very few side effects. He's been so brave and possitive I reall think this has helped.

It's so hard putting on a brave face around him and being strong when all you want to do is breakdown but I really believe possitive vibes help to fight this horrible disease.

Stay strong and good luck to your mum xx

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Hi Kazza

Thank you for your kind words. Mum's second treatment is next week and she is fighting this tooth and nail.

Keep fighting for your dad and I hope he continues on his recovery.


Hi Debjmac,

So sorry to hear about your mum; it's always more of a shock when it involves a non-smoker. Please try and remember stage IV is just a diagnosis and don't dwell too much on the reported prognosis for stage IV as everyone is different. I have experienced two and a half years of cancer free scans and my diagnosis is 'stage IV' too. We are all different and sometimes doctors seem to forget this. Having a supportive family will make all the difference but try and let your mum know it's ok to have 'down days' too, if she wants; sometimes I found I needed to have a day of feeling sorry for myself mid-treatment but the next day was back into the fighting spirit again. It won't mean she has given up but sometimes we all need a rest from fighting and just to be a bit self-indulgent. I hope chemo continues to treat your mum well xx

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Thank you so much for your kind words. We are all being really strong at present. Mum has her 2nd lot of chemo today and she reacts like she did with the first she'll sail through it.

You keep strong xx

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