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CBD Oil and CBD Spray

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Just wanted to give an update on my dad's usage of this two products. Here in CA marijuana is legal therefore finding a dispensary is very easy. At first my family and I were very unsure about using this on my dad but after the nurses from the hospice program recommended it we decided to give it a try and I must say it change my dad's pain level. I decided to go for the CBD spray which is the same as the lotion but it has a faster effect on the skin when the person is in pain. Sense I started using the pain level of my dad has been under control and sometimes we don't have to give him morphine during the day which it makes easier for us sense he is not sleeping as much. we get to enjoy him more.

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Thanks for sharing this update, Verolove. I’m so glad you could take advantage of the CBD spray and that it is helping with your dad’s pain level. What a blessing you are able to spend more time with him without the morphine influence.

Continued Best Wishes.

p.s. My massage therapist adds the oil to her lotions and I’ve found it quite effective as well🤗

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verolove in reply to PegD

Some days are though and others are ok. During the day he tends tolerate pain in a good spirit but at night is when things get complicated. Thanks for the tip I will def start doing that tonight. I put lotion on his body everyday to keep it moist.

Thank you!

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So grateful that he’s getting relief. Can you tell us what the strength or concentration the spray is?

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verolove in reply to Denzie

Hi Denzie, it does not state on the bottle but the name listed is Moksha and is the 2oz size. hope this helps

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DenzieModerator in reply to verolove

Thank you! That will help others no doubt. At this time I don’t need it but there’s no telling what the future holds and what will be needed.

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