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Recurrence of lung cancer


I was diagnosed with stage 2B Adinocarcinoma had a open lobe removed in 2014 did 4 rounds of Altman/cisplatin and scans were ok till Sept 2026 now have a recurrence in the lymph nodes had a byopsy of the mediastinum and supaclavical one was begine the mediastinum the clavical had cells they are testing for the genes now Dr gave me 4 options Low dose chemo and raidition, 6 rounds of aggressive chemo, targeted therapy or immunotherapy what do u think is my best shot here I was really surprised it came back

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Kookieanne, you will know better what to choose after the genetic test results come back. Until then, I would read up on the alternatives so that I felt more equipped to make a decision when the time comes. If you are eligible for targeted therapy, that will probably be the best choice with the greatest chance of effectiveness and fewest side effects.



Echoing everything Anita said. Do you know what they were testing for in addition to EGFR, ALK and ROS1 mutations and PD-L1 expression?

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