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I am new to this sight but have been reading many posts. I belong to a few on Facebook that are very good and encouraging. I was dx in September 2015 with stage IV adenocarcinoma. This blindsided us because I have never smoked but I have learned a lot in the last 11 months that all you need is lungs to get lung cancer. I was lucky that I am ALK positive which qualified me for an amazing trial. I currently am taking Alectinib along with an immunotherapy called Atezolizumab. My tumors have been stable since January of 2016. At my last PET scan in June, the only tumor that is still active is one in my liver. I go for a biopsy next week. This combo has been somewhat easy to tolerate with very manageable side effects. I hope I get a good run on these drugs.

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Congratulations. You are lucky. I too never smoked and turned up with Stage 4 lung cancer but my alk is negative. Many hopes and prayers for you

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Thank you. You too.

So glad that you were able get into the drug trial. Sending you positive thoughts.

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I wish more people took advantage of trials.


So glad you got into that trial! And thank you for sharing a piece of your story, every word is a gift to others out there working there way down an unknown path. We keep you in my thoughts.

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