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Unexplained leg swelling

my mum has been undergoing mld therapy twice a week (for the past 2-3 months) along with compression stockings and leg wraps - yesterday her leg swelled for no reason at all she hasnt been overdoing things, she is 80 years old and has a urostomy due to having bladder removed 6 years ago because of bladder cancer - she is pushing fluids out about 2 litres overnight plus the 1 litre she does in the day she isnt on any diuretics - this sudden onset of leg swelling is alarming me - anybody any clues as to what should cause this ??

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Contact her specialist and/or GP to let them know as soon as poss, as only they will be able to say what might have caused it and also maybe provide advice/solution. Good luck and well done for taking such care of your Mum.


Hi Colp

it is always important to get any sudden or unexplained swelling checked out - give your lymphoedema therapist a ring. Better to be safe


i think the problem is not evryone is known to a lymphodema specialist to get advice from, i wasnt refered to a clinic for 18months but had goos support at practice level, so initially get the gp aware incase in the first instance its unrealed and more her urinary system. I do get odd times where my left leg wants to swell dispite all the compression treatment, I usually have to put the bandgaes on for a few days then back to lymph grade stockings. Good luck you are doing a wonderful thing caring for your mums needs so well.


many thanks - she is under the care of a private lymph nurse plus nhs lymph clinic - i am going to contact the specialist who removed the bladder 6 years ago and ask for a ct scan just in case something else is going on inside her abdomen that we are not aware of.


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