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Anyone use a compression pump ? And know where I can get one? Therapist can't get them .

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It is important to check out with your therapists that you are suitable for a compression pump and to realise that if they do not hold one to lend out that there will be a cost involved to hire the machine and to buy your own attachments. Once you have checked with your lymphoedema team that they are happy for you to go ahead and will support you then the company that markets the lymphassist is Your clinical team will also need to fill in a form.

Link is not valid!

Most therapists will tell you that a compression pump is not for you. I bought one out of desperation as I felt I needed to do something to help myself. Depending on your area you may be eligible for one speak to your GP.

Hi have you had good results

It has definitely made a difference. I have lymphedema in both arms. Therapists warned me that the fluid may collect in my upper arms, I don't see a noticeable increase on my upper arms. Good Luck

I researched the world to try to find the

best pump. I've read ( well skimmed really)

100's of articles. There's little that is good

enough to rely on, but that's not helped by

some prejudice here against pumps. There's

a lot of progress been made recently and

the best that I can find is the lymphapress

optimal manufactured in Israel. We have reached

the stage where we'll pay as my mother

95 had no life at all as her legs are too

heavy to walk now inspite of stockings and

regular MLD.

The machine is available from UK agents.

We have it with trousers on a weeks free

trial from this Saturday. It goes with

trousers to stop getting swollen 'bits'

Will let people know how we do.

Ive never ever known of this option so sorry cant help,

Hi queryit

How you getting On with it ? And can you please pass me details of how I can get this on trial I am keen to invest but want to try first which is understandable

Hullo KMDB,

We are sure the pump will make a difference, but are still trialling it. Its a very sophisticated

machine, and has several choices of programme. The ideal situation is to find someone

who can visit and help with it, in my opinion. Unfortunately there maybe some prejudice and

some ignorance around which means its difficult to find knowledgable advisors. I have found

Naomi at Bodybrilliant who are the agents very willing to help - but they are a long way from us, and I've asked them if they can recommend anyone closer. I have Primary Lymphodema in one leg, but my Mother has it in both and its her I'm trying to take care of. I'll be

continuing to let people know how we are getting on. Bodybrilliant is in Henley on Thames.

Hi, just to say that I have been using lymphapress for nearly 3 years now and it works, it's easy to use, very comfortable and pleasant. It keeps your skin and tissues soft making it more manageable. I also bought it from Naomi and she'll be very helpful and will show you how it works and what difference it can make to everyone with lymphoedema