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Why does it get worse with exercise and I wear class 3 compression

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Why is it the more I walk and exercise my left leg with lymphodeama gets worse. Its all backing up on my apron (fat tummy that hangs down) only on my left side excuse the spelling :(

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It could be because exercise increases the flow of blood and therefore fluid to the tissues, which can only be removed by the lymphatic system. There's a limit to how much can be removed over a given period of time even by a healthy system, which is why athletes will sometimes experience temporary swelling after exertion. It may be that you need to experiment by limiting or changing your type of exercise until you find a level where your system can keep up with increased demands. Good luck, don't give up!

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sharon1234 in reply to Hpmt1

Thank you...but why does the lymph fluid back up only on my left side. Even the vigin lip is bigger than the the right side. Its all in my left leg and up to my apron only on the left side like I have said.

Please even a little walking my leg and every thing else just gets bigger. It won't go

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Have you tried to use Classic 1 compression in order to eliminate this reason? Also, maybe you should try a different type of exercise and try it, to start with, for 15 min in order to see its effect on your body?

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sharon1234 in reply to Rebec

Class 1 is not tight enough neither is 2 number 3 won't stop the build up x

Have you been taught how to do self lymphatic drainage, which may help stimulate the deeper abdominal lymph vessels? Do you have a waist high garment?

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sharon1234 in reply to Lynora

Yes I wear high wait garments??? I need to be shown the manual drainage x

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Could some kind person desc ribe in some detail how to perform MLD to those who have no access to such instruction. It would be greatly valued. Thanks

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Hi Sharon,

I think Lynora is spot on. Please see your GP and ask to be referred to a local Lymphoedema clinic in hospital or a local Lymphoedema nurse or practitioner. The NHS should be able to refer you to somewhere local. See lymphoedema.org for details of local support in your area. Or telephone details on www & ask them where is your nearest nurse/clinic/practitioner. Best wishes Judith.

The LSN have a couple of very useful DVD's that give a demonstration - however, sometimes it can be useful to talk to a lymphoedema nurse or independent therapist to make sure that you are doing it effectively.

I have had to gently correct and guide people who have been given a printed 'agenda' of moves to use - which simply do not translate, and they have been literally spending hours on SLD when it really isn't necessary.

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sharon1234 in reply to Lynora

Thank you. I do have a nurse and she does keep a check on the fluid and size x

Thats exactly what happens with my legs.. Everyday they swell up even if all i ha e done is a wee walk to the shop which is 5 min walk away. I was told to try swimming, which i did. By the time im near home i was in tears and could hardly walk. It was my lymph nurse that told me to try it. When i told her what happened she found it hard to believe and just told me that lymphodema doesn't hurt but i know how i feel.

I went to my doc and she was very nice and told me it was prob because i swam breast stroke (its the only way i can swim lol).

But then again my nurse got it wrong a out how many nodes were taken out. She said it was only a wee sample when i thot it was all of them. We checkex with my cancer doc and yes they took them all out from my groin.

Oh no we sound the same. After swimming I could hardly walk and lift my leg up to get into the car. Exercise and general day today thing just makes my leg huge. I had civical cancer and started with lymphodemea a year after. I've had it for five year or more. Thank you for replying xx

Hi Sharon,

I have a similar problem - just a short walk makes lymph collect in my groin and upper thigh area, which is frustrating as I love to walk, but I have found that going to the gym and using the weights machines to exercise my upper body drains the lymph away from the groin area. It makes sense really, as I suppose it is clearing the way ahead of the backed-up lymph. I know everyone is different and different things work for different people, but maybe it's worth a try. Gxx

Hi Sharon i have the same problem i had cervical cancer and neede a radical hysterectomy they removed 38 lymphnodes from pelvic area i have right leg and grion lympheodema. I understand i suffer from pain my nurse said the fluid itself doesnt cause pain but it depends what the fluid is pushing against thats where the pain comes from in my case i have two damaged nerves from a previous op and when im most swollen it hurts !!!! the replys totally right you produce more fluid excercising its so imprtant to wear your compression when doing it I know it can put you off doing excercise but we need to get our muscles contracting to push the fluid up it does seem i know like we are in a vicious circle but if we dont excercise the fluid will biuld up to . I cycle gently and ive found this really helps and also

when your sittling put your legs up i always do after my cycle.like Gina said we are all different its taken me a year to find a routine that helps me my lymph nurse has just ordered me compression cycle shorts to wear over my compression tights and to support the grion area thats where i get most

of the pain im hoping they will help maybe thats something you could benifit from xxx

I also find walking makes the swelling worse. I have primary LE in both feet and legs and I can not run or jump. I get so annoyed when nurses and GPs tell you walking and swimming will help when neither have helped me and its my body so how do they know what is good for me. Unless they have the condition how can they understand how we feel. The only thing that helps me is to rest with both my legs elevated every time I sit down and I do not care where I am I have to take the weight off my feet.

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