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Can anyone recommend good moisturiser please? I have lymphedema in my right leg.

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I have been given a type of unscented petroleum jelly by my GP. But there is an odour... Can anyone recommend a good moisturiser that has a pleasant smell please? I was going to treat myself to some almond butter from L'Occitane but not sure if it's suitable. Does anyone know of any other moisturiser that the GP can give me on prescription please which has a better scent? Many thanks xx

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There are a few. Double-base, Dibrobase, E45, Cetraban, Epaderm (which can be used as a wash too). Almond butter is OK, but what you have to avoid is perfume. In an oedematous leg, the perfume molecules cannot penetrate the deeper skin layers, and the lymph cannot deal with them - it may increase the chance of folliculitis. Some of my clients use organic reduced odour coconut oil - and cook with it too!! It is a great moisturiser.

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I have just started using comfrey cream. The logic is that it is good for treating tennis elbow (gathering of fluid in the joint) so why not use it to disperse lymph fluid? So far results look good, could be the cream or that because it is quite stiff the massage action required to spread it works wonders. W

Either way I am sticking with it..

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That sounds interesting. Will give that a try.

I'm going to try too. Good if it helps. x

I will try the comfrey cream to see if it helps. Where do you get it from? Health food shop? Thanks x

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I get Cetraben on prescription from GP when I am feeling skint, and add some essential oil drops (rose or lavender both have antiseptic properties). When in funds I use La Roche Posay, as it has been developed especially for cancer patients.

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Worth a try with the unscented coconut oil. I will also try comfrey for a week and see if it improves. Worth a try. Thanks for your advice x

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I also find coconut oil to be very good for my legs and I just use it for the entire body. Helps to keep my skin from getting dry flakes.

I think the coconut oil would be better than the petroleum jelly. x

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Thanks Lynora, very informative x

Organic coconut oil is great - is it completely natural and you just need the smallest amount. I am talking about exactly the same stuff you use for cooking. I keep a jar in the bathroom and a jar in the kitchen cupboard. It is also cheaper than the 'cosmetic' offerings. NNE

The hospital gave me Zero Double Gel and I now have it on repeat prescription from my GP. Have been using this for years. Also I take 250mg of penicillin twice a day to keep cellulitis at bay.

I started off on Hydromol which is very effective but very heavy. I now use Double-base gel which absorbs really quickly and does a really good job and is practically odourless. Would avoid anything scented!

hiya i have a cream called Epiderm in a pump bottle its very good and my lymphodema nurse put me on it. there is also an epiderm wash which is like a tub of lard i dont like this one personally, but the epiderm cream is lovely and creamy. your dr can give it to you on perscription as i have mine from the dr. Hope this helps x

I have just started using comfrey cream. Not sure whether it is the comfrey or the firm massage required to apply, but swelling has reduced. Get it from health food/organic shop

Without a doubt Aveeno is the best I've ever had and my GP gave me a pump of it on prescription. Really helped the skin where I've had cellulitis too. X

I asked for Aveeno but GP gave me this instead. x

I am another Doublebase Gel lymphie but with added complication of eczema! I get 500g pump dispenser and 100g tubes prescribed, handy for holiday travel, gym, swimming and so on. Recently I have also been prescribed QV ointment as my skin is also very dry, but it's far 'gunkier' and is more like the Hydromol ointment decscribed in the same way. I put it on at night after a bath then shower it off in the morning before applying the DB Gel. It's all a bit of a mission but it helps keep my skin in better condition!

What's the double base gel called? Does it feel and smell similar to petroleum jelly? Thanks x

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Double Base - also a similar to Diprobase. Unscented.

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Ok thanks x

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Both are made by DERMAL but I can't tolerate Diprobase funnily enough. The Gel is more like a cream than petroleum jelly!

Ok thanks. I will check with the lymphedema nurse when I get my stocking fitted.Thanks c

Yes. I was told to use Vaseline intensive care lotion. I have lymphedema from below waist down. Both legs to top of thigh.I also use bath and bodies lotion.Different nice scents. BUY THEM IN January and June.Only $3.00 then instead of $13.00

I use organic coconut oil as a moisturizer and to cook with and I also put a teaspoon of it in my coffee and drink it it's wonderful . It has a lot of medicinal benefits it appears to me and it's not that expensive

Diprobase certainly is the best are any good expensive quality moisturiser will work that you must get un perfumes are unscented I find body butter really good Sharon xxx

Hi Eleanor --Not sure if available in UK (I'm in USA) but the two I've had luck with since lymphedema are: Cerave -- thin, jar or pump, easy to spread and Eucerine Original Healing Creme (not "advanced formula" as that is similar to Cerave) This one is thicker and harder to rub in-- almost like a paste, but be patient-- it really moisturizes well and keeps skin supple. Both have a ph supposedly good for LE.

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