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My first triple compression bandages were applied this afternoon -

All went well the very nice nurse applied them with style Booked me in for the next six weeks to have new dressings. Of I tottered to get home and elevate the offending limbs. Must admitt not the most comfortable of dressings the sensations are quite curios not exactly pain but hot slightly prickling quite odd. When I stand I am unbalanced looking forward to elevating them tonight. My horrendous boots actually go over them which is good. This will now continue for the foreseeable future . I thought anyone having them done might find this useful xgins

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these dressings are not comfortable but please persevere it is worth it in the end. I am lucky as I have a friend who I can ask any questions too as she has the dressings too. you feel "mummified" oh and a tip, do not drink too much before bedtime as I found I was getting up 3 or 4 times a night the first couple of nights til I realised


are these triple compression bandages for legs, and what about main body?

can the specialist nurse do these? I get fitted for compression stockings- which have been working.

how long do you wear these for?

have you or anyone else had the drug treatment, to drain off 20% or more of water- need to be hospitalised initially?


H the triple bandages will be on for some considerable time it has been suggested they are the only cure if thats what you call it for chronic lymphadema = never heard of the hospitalization xgins


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