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sld motivation tips anyone?

apart from people who are superheroes or congenitally good at doing the sensible thing every time, how do other ordinary mortals get motivated to do sld twice a day every day?

i don't manage anywhere near that - sometimes my ''excuse' is that i can't do it all without help, but more often i fanny about doing anything else (like playing on the laptop) - do any other ex-students remember how clean the kitchen floor would be when an essay was due in??

is it just me?

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I was given the A4 'list' of SLD techniques after treatment in 2001. It was never demonstrated to me - I was simply left to my own devices. I read it, went through it diligently for a few days then put it on the back of the fire and devised my own. There is absolutely NO need to do it twice a day. Once a day is fine, or even a few days a week.

I use the opportunity to apply cream or lotion (or whatever I can find on the shelf that looks vaguely moisturising, as I've usually left my specs in the bedroom!). I put toothpaste on my toothbrush, and stick it in my mouth to let my tongue move it around for a while - I then apply a blob of cream to 3 points on my arm. Starting from the top, I gently apply the cream up and over my shoulder, then work from the blob on my elbow - again, up and over, then the blob at my wrist - all the way up and over. My hand is unaffected, but if it were, I would apply cream, paying attention to the nail beds and finger webs, and finish with a few flourishes up the entire arm. Never takes me more than about 3 minutes, by which time the cream has soaked in, I've stimulated the skin and resemble a rabid dog, cos I'm foaming at the mouth with the toothpaste!! I finish off the dental work, then apply some cream to the affected chest wall, and sweep it across to the 'healthy' armpit, pull my nightie on and go to bed!


Many thanks for these tips I am due to start my SLD on the 18th March and I have been worried how I would fit it all in once I have to do it at home. When I had my breast cancer surgery I was doing exercises 3 times a day but it has not helped that much. I find playing tennis on the wi fit is more effective.


I used to do it while moisturising, but found it was just messy! Now I use a soft dry back-brush to stimulate the lymph glands from my hips to my toes before I turn the shower on. It doesn't take very long. If I forget then I do the massage with soapy hands - keeps it gentle. Both being associated with the shower, I remember more often than I forget - and we have a nice warm bathroom in which to expose all that flesh. Good luck :).


what is SLD


SLD is short for Simple Lymphatic drainage it is a massage technique which aims to improve lymph drainage.


I have Breast Lymhoedema and manage to do SLD every day as part of my moisturising routine. Because I use something that feels and smells nice it isn't a chore. However I also have Lymphoedema in my back chest wall which I can't reach and my specialist nurse recommended I use a small, soft, paint roller which has been vey succesful. However, this something my hubby has to do for me and luckily he doesn't have a problem with helping me stay comfortable.


Hi all, I do my SLD every night in bed, sitting uprightish, so sometimes it's a bit random 'one, two, miss a few' and I doze off. I listen to my mp3 player which sort of helps to keep me awake. I was shown how to do it by my physio and I have a Royal Marsden sheet, but I also think you can get a DVD from LSN that shows it too.


Hi lovesradio

The LSN - in association with Leeds Lymphoedema Service does indeed do a DVD which shows how to do SLD as well as other self management techniques. The videos are £12.00 including postage and packaging and you can purchase by contacting the office on 020 7351 4480. Love the paint roller idea Novelist2 havn't heard that one before.


yup, i've got a paint roller too but only use the nice smellies on special occasions (general advice is to use something fragrance-free, i think)

& i know it only takes 5 minutes - 5 for each arm, then another longish 5 to do the front then get the paintroller out to do the back, preceded by 1/2 hour minimum of stretching

it becomes quite a long 5 minutes!

anyone got any more tips? wot - no tips involving chocolate?????


sorry, v rudely forgot to say thanks to everyone for posting - i hope that post up there doesn't come across as dismissive, i'm grateful for everyone who's taken time to try & help me nudge myself along!


oh, & a tip for anyone who's got it in their trunk - my ld nurses gave me this v funky dressing that's little cubes of foam sandwiched between 2 layers of dressing

i thought it was called moviderm, but googled that & it's stuff you spray on horses' legs - lynora or lsn nurses, d'you know the one i mean?

i wear a strip of it (non stick & reusable) round my torso under my corset (oh, the glamour!) & it encourages lymph to shift a bit every time i move

obviously pretty expensive - i can't find anywhere to buy it & they only have v small supplies in the clinic, but works really well


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