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A frame for flat-knit tights?

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Has anybody tried using a frame to put on flat knit stockings? I have a recurrent shoulder injury and the effort involved in pulling these up has made me consider getting a frame. I have looked at videos on YouTube though, and it seems the frame only helps as far as just below the knee and you still have to pull them up with your hands after that . Any views appreciated, thank you

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I’ve had three major shoulder ops in past 15 years (2 x R , 1x L) with risk of fourth being needed. I’ve had to modify my flat-knit to enable me to don garments. I Didn’t get on with the frame and various gadgets. I had been in Jobst Elvarex class 2 and Juzo Expert class 2 but struggling to don, as they are very stiff, unforgiving garments that aggravated my shoulders. I’m now in Jobst Elvarex Soft class 3 and 2. I can manage donning as the Soft has a bit more give to it thus not aggravating my shoulders. Whilst my lymph would benefit from the Expert and Elvarex, the Soft does the job well enough and saves my shoulders

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Hi CCT67 hi and thanks for your reply. I'm glad you have found a solution which saves your shoulders a bit. I'm having liposuction for lymphedema next month on my right leg and I will have to wear tights for 23 hours a day for the rest of my life. I will ask the nurse that fits me about Jobst Elvarex Soft and if I can get away with wearing those.

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If you have to wear compression, it might be a good idea to ask for additional care in the mornings and evenings from a service, rather than you have to pressurise yourself into doing something which will exasperate another condition. Or drop back to a softer and more pliable knit that won't take as much effort.

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Thank you Mo, that's a good idea. I'm hoping that I can find a flat-knit that is easier to don.

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I've not tried it but Naqi body screen from Haddenham claims to assist donning of garments: hadhealth.com/body-screen

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It looks like this is a cream though.....rather than a frame. Thanks anyway.

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Hi, I use the Steve stocking aid for my compression stockings. I wear the strongest stockings and it requires very little effort to use it. It takes me seconds to put each stocking on and you can also use it to remove them. It also comes in different calf sizes. Here is the link stockingaid.com/uk/compress....

Best Wishes Helen

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Thank you Helen, that's really helpful.

Best wishes


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Have you tried Jobst donning gloves? The nubby texture helps to gently ease the stockings in place instead of having to pull them up without too much effort. Works especially well will flat knit.

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Thank you for your reply. I do have the special Jobst gloves and they do help a lot but it's still very difficult if the shoulders aren't working properly. I wanted a frame so that I didn't have to pull them up. They exist for stockings but not, it seems, for tights.

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