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I have cellulitis in my right arm, post operative lymphoedema ( 9 years ago) first time. Swelling, heaviness and pain don’t seem to be getting any better after a week of antibiotic.

Wondered if there is anything else I can do to get rid of it. Awaiting an appointment with the clinic but no idea when.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

3 Replies
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I also have cellulitis in my lymphodaema arm occasionally (usually following an insect bite in the summer). I’m always prescribed flucloxacillan 500mgs which works every time. If your antibiotics haven’t worked contact GP TODAY as you need an alternative. (Particularly if the area is very red. ) Good luck.

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get it looked at asap - Clyde12 is right - you might need an alternative. The recommendation is a minimum of 14 days antibiotics.

Keep your arm elevated when you can, and leave off compression. If it’s hot/red, to can use a cold compress. I use a damp towel or damp pillow case.

Also - rest! Cellulitis is serious stuff. Allow your body to deal with it.

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Thank you both. On second week of antibiotics. I will try and rest it which I haven’t done.

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