hello guys looking for a bit of help I have lipidemia and just recently had a bout of cellulitis this is the first time I've had it very sore I came off my antibiotics 2 weeks ago and I have been getting MLD the past 3 weeks however my legs are still quite swollen and achy. The skin wasn't broken so I have been trying to swim twice a week is this normal or should I be going back to the doctor's x x

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  • Hi I would go to see gp. When I had cellulitis last time, after 2 weeks of taking antibiotics my leg was still hot inside. Lymphoedema specialist said after infection the bacteria is still asleep in my leg and just waiting got my "weak day" to come back. I had to take 2 more weeks of antibiotics.

  • Agree with Marjol80 - cellulitis can linger, and sometimes antibiotics need to be tweaked to find the right one. They should always be taken as a 14 day course. The LSN can provide leaflets about cellulitis.

    As a therapist I wouldn't have treated you while you had an active infection - let the drugs kill the bugs and allow you to recover, then restart MLD.

  • Agree that you should see your GP. Also if you have cellulitis you should stay in bed (24 by 7) with your leg elevated till the swelling goes down. The first time I had cellulitis I got up when I felt better but before he swelling had completely gone...It never did! Since then I have learnt to stay in bed and my leg goes down a couple of days are the redness goes.

  • Thank you. I did stay in bed for the first 2 weeks this is six weeks on I've had two lots of antibiotics I'm a mobile hairdressers and work at two care homes which is quite hard going but it's a case of know work know pay and bills to pay 😯 Lynora do you practice near Edinburgh. Thanks again I will get on to the doctors this morning x x

  • I work in Fife. You can find therapists in Edinburgh etc etc via mlduk.org.uk

    Have you been referred to the Lothian Lymphoedema Service? If not, you should ask to be sent in their direction.

  • Hi Mel - make sure you moisturise your legs daily. Also, are you wearing any compression? If you had swelling in your legs before the cellulitis, the swelling could be worse after - compression will help this. It's certainly important to keep checking in with your doctor if there are any signs of the cellulitis still being there or returning (eg heat, increased pain, increased selling, fever etc). Who is doing your MLD? They should be able to advise you as well if they understand cellulitis and oedema.

  • Thank you all ❤ I've been back to doctors and as usual I could only get to see a nurse he has given me more antibiotics 10 day I asked for 14 but he refused and said there is nothing more he can do for me and to contact the lymphadema clinic . Yes chocolate e clare I have compression tights I had to go up in a size with the swelling but the doctors told me not to wear them I'm not sure if they know what they are talking about x

  • Yes, get back to lymphoedema clinic. They should know what to do.

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