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Hi! I'm new to this community, but I'd like to ask if there is anyone who finds it hard to break the cellulitis-candida (yeast infection) cycle?

I look after my lymphoedema very well with both good nutrition and suitable exercise. But I often find myself feeling rundown and contracting cellulitis (in my right leg, which if affected my lymphoedema).

It wasn't until a friend of mine who works in the health sector told me that I could be suffering from systemic thrush, candida due to antibiotic overuse (which is difficult to avoid when you get cellulitis) that all the pieces started to fit together. The fatigue, brain fog, rashes and so on wasn't just me feeling "down", it was full blown candida!

I have tried the Candida diet, which is great (but hard!) How ever, I find that the GPs I've spoken to don't seem to have the faintest idea what I'm on about.

The only thrush they seem to know about is vaginal. And the treatment for that doesn't even touch systemic thrush!

Has anyone else had a similar experience, and if so, how did you go about it! Did you get any help from your GP? Did you do the diet?

I think the key to reoccurring cellulitis might be to clear the lymph of yeast so that it can drain more easily and not cause build up of old toxins.

Looking forward to hearing your view on the matter. All the best!

17 Replies
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I have recently had recurring bouts of cystitis. I didn't know what had caused them, but I now wonder if it was to do with the fact I had had 5 courses of antibiotics in 4 weeks to cure a nasty leg wound sustained in an RTA. I also have T2 diabetes, which doesn't help!! XX

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Sue32: I do feel with you. some suggestions: Every time I need antibiotics I take anti fungal medication. I am extremely prone to cystitis. You must drink plenty of water. Keep off all sugar and acids/vinegar eg pickled cucumbers. I also take cranberry tablets daily as a preventative. Good Luck

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Not sure if this fits in here, but.......

Recurring cellulitis in lymphoedema is a problem which has been addressed by a group of specialists who produced the 'Consensus Document on the Management of Cellulitis in Lymphoedema' reviewed in 2010 and available on the British Lymphology Society or Lymphoedema Support Network websites. You can print this out and take it to your doctor. Your lymphoedema specialist will know about it. Many doctors will only prescribe antibiotics for one week, but the guidelines state that they should be continued until all signs of cellulitis have gone, but for no less than 14 days. For patients who suffer two or more attacks of cellulitis in one year preventative antibiotics should be considered and this may be life-long. There is a section in the document titled 'Recurrent Cellulitis'. Every time you get cellulitis, the lymphatic system is damaged further so it is very important to treat it effectively and for long enough so it doesn't just come back as soon as you stop taking the pills.

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62carolo in reply to Whitesugar

That is certainly true. I recently had to go into hospital for I treatment of cellulitis and in the end got the guidelines up on my blackberry as the dose of clindamycini was receiving was half recommended dose as per the guidelines

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BedfordBoy in reply to Whitesugar

Hi, thanks for the info! My GP is one of those who only give you 7days worth of tablets. Then it returns! So I'll take this info to my doctor and hopefully get the treatment I should have been getting ages ago. Many thanks!

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I suffered from candida after a few long courses of high dose antibiotics for cellulitis. I tried all the usual stuff from the GP but finally got on top of it with an intense course of probiotics on the advice of my lymphoedema therapist who is also a nutritionist. It's not cheap and most of the probiotics on the shelves don't have enough bacteria ( the one I used had 130 billion per sachet!) but it did the trick and now I just use regular probiotics and pick whatever is on offer when I'm in the shop.

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Cherry35 in reply to Olivia82

Hi Olivia, what probiotics did you take please?I suffer from thrush and nothing helps.Thank you

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I was going to ask the same. Do you remember what they were called Olivia?

And also to say thank you to every one who's replied to my thread. Thank you for your views and advice!

Wishing you all a wonderful and healthy Christmas!

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Olivia82 in reply to Serafia2

Sorry for the delayed reply, this website was being very glitchy then I dropped my phone in the loo so have been offline for a few days!! Anyway the probiotics I used were Biocare replete intensive. As I said they are expensive but they worked for me, make sure you have them on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and probably avoid alcohol and sugary foods (maybe wait till after Xmas?!) while you taking them as they all stimulate candida growth. Hope that helps!

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Serafia2 in reply to Olivia82

Thank you for your reply! Might just give that a go after Christmas. Happy Christmas!!

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is the candida on your leg? The reason I am asking is I have just posted about a sore behind my knee and it has a yeasty smell and I am on prophylactic antibiotics

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Hi, I just want to share some research and personal experience I have had with candida and am currently doing a cleanse which is quite easy. I'm using food grade hydrogen peroxide to cleanse my body of unwanted yeast. There are plenty of videos on Youtube regarding the benefits of using food grade HP. Also antibiotics kill the good and bad bacteria in your syst. You need to replace your good bacteria by taking probiotics. Get the good kind that works from a health food store that they keep in the refrigerator section. Don't buy it from a drug store on a shelf and expect it to work. In place of antibiotics I use oregano oil in capsules, 3xs per day, it is stronger and works with your body to balance balance your system. Take probiotics and oregano oil 3xs per day and do the HP cleanse and you'll feel amazing! Be well!!

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Thank you Jennsart63! I am slowly getting on top of things (I hope). But I'm very grateful for your advice and will definetly look in to it more. I'll let you know how I get on. All the best!

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I just had the same problem with my GP. He diagnosed me with cellulitis because i have one big red sore under the skin on my right arm. However, when i brought up candida (a friend of mine went through this exact problem and informed me about it} and showed him the numerous "open" sores and scars with black stuff and stringy skin in the center of them, he just shrugged it off as cellulitis. It blows my mine that so many doctors are unaware or maybe even unwilling to address the candida problem in their patients, Its like you go to the doctor with a runny nose and tell him you have a cold and he tells you its just allergies. My doc prescribed some Doxycycline antibiotics for the cellulitis, but after researching candida overgrowth i don't know if i should take the antibiotics and risk more candida outbreak or not take it at all. If anyone can help me solve this dilema, it would be greatly a[ppreciated.

Thank You,


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I can now say, 3 years on, that I finally managed to break the horrendous cellulitis-candida-cellulitis cycle. But it wasn't thanks to doctors though, no surprise there right?

I stuck to my theory that I had to kill the yeast overgrowth first, which meant strong anti fungals and a candida diet. I can't say it was easy, I felt worse before it got better. But I didn't give up. Last year I had cellulitis 6 times! It was a nightmare. But finally this year things started to change and I'm very happy to say that I haven't had cellulitis since January this year and I'm feeling the best I have in a long time.

My advice from my own experience would be, don't take antibiotics unless you have to. And if you have to, take it along with anti-fungals, strong probiotics and a diet that supports your gut microbiota.

All the best,


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I have a lot of same issues save yourself some time money and disappointment get Collodial silver and start with at least 1tbsp per day good luck and god bless you.

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What do you mean by “take antifungals?” Sorry to jump in but I think I may have a similar problem but I am less familiar with the terminology. Thanks.

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