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Morning all. After a visit to the out of hours GP on Saturday, it was confirmed that cellulitis has taken hold of my left leg. She gave me Clarithromycin 500mg twice daily and advised if no improvement by Tuesday then to go to my GP for bloods to test the infection markers. Since Saturday my leg has become agony as the cellulitis had took hold. I can barely put it down in any position and the red spots/ blisters seem to be spreading.

I'm not after any advice, I just felt the need to vent. While my husband and family are sympathetic, they cannot understand the pain that cellulitis can cause. I'm supposed to be in work tomorrow and while I have an office job where I have a special chair and leg rest, I'm not sure that's going to happen. Hoping that these antibiotics kick in soon so I don't require a hospital stay.

25 Replies
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From your description above, you should be sitting in A&E right now! Do not wait until tomorrow. Oral antibiotics are not working. Please don't wait - the implications are unthinkable.

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Definitely no work tomorrow. And hope you have already gone to A&E

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I am not going to work tomorrow. GP appointment 1st thing and see if they send me to a&e

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Ldd1412 - please don't wait for a GP appointment if you are still in pain - untreated, cellulitis can develop complications. I don't say this lightly - I have seen it first hand. Please - go to A&E NOW.

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Hi Ldd1421, if lynora is shouting at you (i.e. capitol letters) you should really go to a&e asap.

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Go to bed. Keep our leg elevated. Do not get out of bed other than to go to the toilet. Stay in bed till with your leg elevated till the infection has gone AND the swelling in your leg has gone down. When I have cellulitis and have to get out of bed to go to the loo I put some loose compression on before I get out of bed that helps reduce the pain and stops my leg swelling up quite so badly.

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More antibiotics needed. Perhaps even a combination or intravenous. This won't go away on its own. Get an appointment immediately or call NHS 24. Hope you're better soon.

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GP is trying to arrange IV antibiotics through district nurse so I can stay at home. If not will be off to hospital this afternoon. Either way I will be hooked up today.

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Oh Boy - I do feel for you. I am going thru a similar experience at the moment and battling to see a doctor. So far all consultation done on phone!! and today when I asked for a home visit - I was told the surgery doesn't do that any more?? So battling on my own, wondering if the infection is being controlled or taking hold.

I do hope your pain goes soon - that's one of the worst things to fight. Wishing you all the best!


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Broomie in reply to sammyvan

Sammy, if you need a home visit and can't get one I'd get someoneto take you to a&e, don't leave it too long. Hope you get relief soon x

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sammyvan in reply to Broomie

Hi Broomie. Thank you for taking the time to reply and offer advice.

I managed to persuade the surgery, this morning, that I REALLY needed to see a doctor. Because I also have severe arthritis in all my joints, moving around - and getting into vehicles, is almost impossible and extremely painful.

I have had a ''stay of execution'' and been told hospital and IV antibiotics not needed ....yet! Changed my antibiotic, and arranged for district nurses to visit daily and monitor progress. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for your concern.


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I've had it in my legs twice - you have my greatest sympathy!!

If you don't get hooked up to intravenous antibiotics today at home then you really must go to A/E urgently just as others have also advised!!!

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IV at home has been approved. 7 days though. At least no hospital stay xx

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Hope you are soon on the mend

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Absolutely go straight to A&E. They are unlikely to give you IV antibiotics at home - I'm in the same position as you. I have very bad lymphodaema and cellulitis caused by cancer - enlarged lympe node in my groin - YOU MUST START IV TREATMENT ASAP!!! Good luck and get well soon!!!

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IV therapy team have just been out. 1st dose of antibiotics administered and they will come out daily. Much better than having to go to hospital x

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lovesradio in reply to Ldd1412

So pleased to hear it and thank goodness you can get this service in your NHS area. Sounds like there are others on the forum who can't though?

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May I ask where you are? I inquired about getting IV at home, whether district nurses could do it - told ''NO'' !

Is it different in the counties here in UK, or standard? Do they leave you ''hooked up'', or only give the IV while they are with you?

Sorry I am asking so any questions, but if I could get home treatment it would be such a weight off my mind - and my hubby!

Wishing you lots of luck and speedy recovery.


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SmallBlueThing in reply to sammyvan

Intramuscular antibiotics are a possibility, meaning a jab, but not hooked up.


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I'm in Warrington, Cheshire. They have put a canular in my arm and put the drugs in through that once a day. Don't need to be hooked up. Bandage on my arm to keep the canular in place. It's a specialist IV therapy team. May be worth asking again.

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So sorry to hear you are suffering I dont know what its like but i go to my doc tomorrow and i know i will come out once again with no answers I will just have to wait and see but i really do hope it gets better very soon for you x

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@Ldd1412 dont wait to go to hospital if it is not improving. I had cwllulitus bavk in May. It came on in my toe and spread rapidly up my leg. I was septic within hours. Spent 4 days in the hospital. Not fun. Best of luck to you.

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I really hope you are better now!

I've had several bouts of cellulitis in the past it's very unpleasant to say the least!

However I believe Flucloxicillin ( think I've spelt it ok) is the recommended antibiotic to cure it

I was prescribed the same antibiotic as yourself once at an after hours clinic one bank holiday it had no effect whatsoever and the next day the infection had taken hold of my complete leg!

I ended up with lymphodema nurses coming to my house for 8 days to give me intravenous antibiotics daily ! They were amazing !

Don't underestimate this infection !!

My doctor is very sympathetic and always gives me a course to take away on holiday as a precaution too thankfully I had them with me when I was struck with it in Italy last year!

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No one can get how you suffering with it.and make you feeling so ill

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She is right.Go to the ER. You need to have antibiotics run into your arm for a day or two. They will give you powerful ones.

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