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Hi everyone i just had to write a post about my two week trial on compression machine. I have leg and grion swelling due to the removel of lymphnodes during my op to get rid of the cancer.I wear compression tights everyday and have weekly massages with mt lymph nurse.Unfortunatly my nurse was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is having time away to have treatment. i massage myself with help from the dvd supplied by LSN but it wasnt enough as im standing at work for hours at a time. I contacted NaomiNorthernEllis@compressiontherapyuk . She was very helpful brought the machine to my house explained everything and showed me how to use it and adjust times and programmes that would benifit me. I noticed the difference by the second day it pushed the fluid up my leg easily i went on it for a hour mid afternoon after work which instantly made my leg much more comfortable the swelling improved instantly i also went on for a hour at night after my bike ride. I even found my cycling so much easier as i didnt start my ride with the usual leg full of fluid.The fluid i generated whilst on bike was pushed up by the machine when i got home. It also gave me peace of mind at work knowing that once i got home the leg would feel better again. I will definatly be buying one as soon as possible !!! If your thinking of using a machine have a trial period and see if it works for you and contact Naomi this machine will improve my life so much and i hope this post helps anyone considering buying one i strongly reccomend it .

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  • sorry i was supplied the machine by naominothenellis@compressiontherapyuk.A

    slight spelling mistake in my post .

  • is the way to get her!

  • Out of interest,what is the cost of the Lympha Press?

  • I don't think Naomi will publish the price list on this forum. Why don't you write to her directly to the email mentioned above? Also, she organises open days in various parts of the country where everyone can try the machine. I went to one in East Anglia.

  • hi juliajane i would email naomi like rebec says you can ask her if theres a open day near you . I think your get a better idea if you have a trial to see how it works for you i had it for two weeks so you can fit it into your daily routine and really see how it would be to have one on a permanent basis. I dont think i should talk prices on the forum but Naomi is very good at responding to emails quickly so you could ask her to give you the prices as they are different prices depending on what your needs are.

  • THANK YOU. I have sent an e-mail and hope to get a reply soon. Thank you again for your comments - very helpful.

  • goodluck marymp i hope it works as well for you as it does for me its a life changer just knowing when i swell so much at work that i can come straight home and get rid of the fluid takes a lot of stress and panic away from me .

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