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Flexitouch Extending MLD model PD32-120 Tactile System

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My sister recently passed and I am liquidating her estate. I have a device that I do not know what to do with nor do I know how it functions. This is what it looks like...

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There should be attachments with it, for legs, arms and possibly the abdomen. Is there a user manual with it?

It is used for the treatment of lymphoedema or venous oedema. Are you in the USA? Depending on its age, you could try selling it via Ebay?

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eBay took it down. It does not have attachment or a manual. I don’t even know if it works. I felt that if someone could use it, I would mail it out for the cost of shipping only. I know it probably isn’t an inexpensive device.

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I am in the US and would hope it could go to someone that otherwise couldn’t afford this.

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If there are no attachments, or user manual, then it possibly could not be sold. Is there a manufacturers address on it? It really would need the necessary attachments. There is a US site for Lymphedema - lymphedemapeople.com - this site is based in London (UK)

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Thank you!

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That’s a control box for quite an old model of the Flexitouch. Without the garmants and hoses that go with that model it will be more difficult to sell as the current garmants/hoses have different fittings. Tactile Medical re-sell, rent and donate their devices, it’s possible they may take it off your hands to donate to a Lymphoedema charity (along with the garmants that go with that model) that provide compression pumps for poor/uninsured Lymphies in the US

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