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Cold Laser Therapy?

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I have primary lower leg lymphedema, and currently am uncontrolled in the left leg. My chiropractor has offered to do cold laser therapy to see if it will help my leg swelling go down. I am a little nervous, but am also frustrated that the swelling hasn't improved since my fall in March. Has anyone heard of this therapy?

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It might help reduce swelling of the injury site. Depending on the size of the device, it can be very time consuming and may need multiple treatments.

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Lynora, thank you for the reply. I was hoping you would weigh in. I was concerned about that...that it may be like supplements where they work well until you stop taking them. But it might be a nice tool to have in the toolbox, especially during the hot summer. She is giving me the first few sessions for free so we shall see how it works. Even if it reduced swelling so my knee could heel more quickly that would be worth it.


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