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Custom made stocking doesn't fit as well as usual

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I've been on the same prescription for a custom made, class 2 flat knit, thigh high stocking since 2019. My leg was measured just 3 months ago and my nurse confirmed my leg is stable and said I could continue with my usual prescription - a decision I was happy with.

Up to spring 2021 I've had 8 stockings on said prescription and they have all been virtually identical and have controlled my swelling very well. I was very disappointed when I received my autumn order of stockings to find that they are about 3cm longer than usual, feel looser when on and worryingly don't control my swelling so well. I am certain that my leg has not got smaller or shorter.

The manufacturer has confirmed that the correct measurements were used to make the stockings and won't offer any further support with the problem.

Has anyone else who wears custom made, flat knit, thigh high stockings experienced a similar problem?

I'm in the UK.

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Hi PeridoYes I have experienced the same issue…..I have used the same schema number, and that has been satisfactory. Have you washed the garment prior to wearing. And did you use the previous schema number or were the measurements just resent? I have had more success when using the schema number. I think it depends on the manufacturer too.

It’s very upsetting I know. But these garments must fit correctly, or they can cause chaffing and be uncomfortable. I’ve even had to show a lymphoedema nurse just how poorly a pair fit before re issue. It only takes one measurement to be misread to create an I’ll fitting garment. My leg and short, with pant has nine different sections to the order, but when manufactured correctly offers great support.

You might need re measuring of the limb, but get it checked out with you lymphoedema service. A poor fitting garment shows the difference instantly against an older garment.

Take photographs and send them if your dealing with the manufacturer directly. In my experience 3 cms in length is too much.

Hope you have some resolution.

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Perido in reply to Lymphet

Thank you for replying Lymphet.

Last Spring I ordered my stockings via my GP surgery; I supplied a Schema number and the order worked out well. When I ordered in the autumn I just asked the surgery to order the same as in the Spring. It might be best if I supply a Schema number every time.

I've worn the new stocking after washing but it hasn't made any difference.

I don't think my leg needs remeasuring because a stocking ordered last Spring and that I only started wearing 3 months ago is working well for me.

I've already sent photos to the manufacturer showing the new stocking is markedly longer than my previous stocking. The manufacturer just continues to state that they used the correct measurements. I asked them if the difference might be due to the yarn or tension but they won't comment.

Thank you for recognising how upsetting this sort of problem can be. Unfortunately my local lymphoedema service is poor partly due to lack of staff; it feels like me against the world at the moment and your support and empathy is much appreciated.

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Lymphet in reply to Perido

Don’t give up…..tell the surgery they supplied the wrong details and give the previous schema number. Unfortunately the issue may lie with the surgery and you may never get to the cause of the problem.

If you listened to the GP conversation with the LSN they suggested visiting the GP and explaining the prescription is wrong and request with schema number. In the long term this could save money for the NHS, as opposed to a deterioration in the Lymphoedema not to mention the depression and anxiety

Or get in touch for a referral to your lymphoedema service. Service from the manufacturer is taking longer too at the moment. I found it quicker during covid! Baffling.

Finally on one occasion when the garment didn’t fit…just prior to Christmas the nurses gave me off the peg stocking to wear over old garment. May assist in the short term

And as a final resort “cry”!! Short term fix. Do you wear a night time compression garment? Could you wear that over daytime garment?

Keep in touch with your progress. If I think of anything else I’ll get in touch. I’m on compression 3F and experience skin thickening, so quite advanced. Keep positive. Happy New Year.

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Perido in reply to Lymphet

Thank you for your comments Lymphet.

I think I may have to use some additional measures to control my swelling; I have a wrap for my lower leg and some old ready made stockings I could use to double layer.

I'm not a quitter and will do everything I can to try and get the problem resolved.

Best wishes for 2022.

y do make mistakes - I have the same measurements used every time and once it came back totally wrong, my clinic sent them back and they confirmed that there must have been a cliche in the system and remade them - that time perfect. Your clinic should intervene. Keep your voice being heard!

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Perido in reply to Juliawoods

Hi Julia,

Thank you for your comments.

I'm not confident that my lymphoedema clinic will be able to help as it isn't functioning at all well. For example, I had to be very assertive to get an appointment in the first place and when I enquired 5 weeks later my stockings hadn't even been ordered - it ended up with me doing the order through my GP.

I've double checked with the manufacturer about the measurements and they assure me that the correct ones were used.

I've looked closely at my stocking and it is marginally longer throughout the entire length e.g. the anatomic knee is slightly higher than usual and even the foot is slightly longer than usual'; it all adds up to about 3cm in total

I've also looked at the fabric under a magnifying glass and the stitches look bigger compared to my previous stocking; I'm wondering if it's a yarn or tension issue. I told the manufacturers all this but they won't investigate the matter any further.

I sure will keep my voice being heard


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