Problem with Juxtafit

I just purchased the legging Juxtafit by Circaid but I am not happy with it.

When I take it off I find that the compression has not worked evenly; the compression is higher where the bands overlap, and lower in the other points, where I observe some swelling. As a result my leg looks like a pearl necklace!

That's a shame because it's very easy to wear and also quite effective (where the compression is double I have obtained a significant reduction of swelling)

Has anyone using Juxtafit experiencing the same inconvenience?

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  • Perhaps it's the wrong size as juxta products are normally very good. Can your clinician take a look at it with the company rep perhaps?

  • that's exactly what I am about to do, we have already reach the company and are waiting for their for the size it looks like it's the right one.

    The problem is that the garment has actually double compression in some points, I cannot see how we can work it around...

  • Does the 'pearl necklace' effect disperse once you have had a chance to administer either emollient or SLD? Do you wear compression garments apart from the Juxtafit?

  • The effect is gone after a few hours with my compression stocking on (which I wear every day)...but I'm afraid the areas of the leg where there is swelling could turn into fibrotic tissue, which is exactly what I'm trying to avoid!

  • Has your lymphoedema therapist/nurse made any suggestions?

  • Together we are trying to figure out what to I said we are also waiting for a response from the company that distributes circaid products here in Italy. The thing is this juxtafit costed a fortune! Maybe I should have chosen farrow wrap instead..any experience with farrowwrap in the lsn community?

  • i have just started wearing farrow wrap and when i take it off the legs have gone down quite evenly, only problem i have with it is it tends to "fall down" throughout the day

  • Thank you annette283. Very helpful feedback...If I do not solve the problem with juxtafit, I will consider purchasing Farrowwrap, knowing it has that "fault"...

  • I have solaris teady wrap. Made in the USA. They are elastic like bandages that overlap each other and close with velcro. As with all of these alternative garments they are not cheap . After 4 months or so they'll need to be replaced as the velcro stops holding. These ace daytime and nighttime garments.

  • Solaris Ready Wraps

  • Thank you beechgirl. I do not think Solaris is available here in Italy, but if you tell me that is a good and effective product, I will look further..

  • I have experienced this too, they have now given me a farrow wrap and this is working better for me.

    I also had very tingly feet/ pins and needles overnight when I used the juxtafit but not the farrow wrap (weird !)

    worthwhile asking your therapist if you could change to something else.

    Good luck

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