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I have Left leg lymphedema after prostatectomy 3 years ago. I’m on long term antibiotics for cellulitis. Sometimes after a long walk I get a rash in the shin area especially if the weather is warm . Any ideas ?

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? vascular issues. Have you had any checks done on your blood circulation e.g. Doppler scan.

I’m presume you have had cellulitis before if you are on long term antibiotics for it? I’m not sure about the rash but does it disappear quickly afterwards and is it always in the same place? Also would be good to know if all your leg is affected by lymphoedema and the stemmer test result for that leg. I have lymphoedema in my pubic area and both thighs following the same surgery 3 years ago so sadly we are in the same boat.

I get this also sometimes - personally I think it is heat and friction from the compression garment as it only ever happens in warm weather - mine usually clears within 24 hrs.

If the cause is chafing/friction might be worth considering Naqi body screen. I've not used it myself but am considering it. It is available from Sieden.co.uk

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