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Red rash query


During the summer, I found that if I was out and about on a sunny day, I ended up with a bright red sore rash on the front of my shins. This happened whether or not I was wearing my stockings. After going back indoors, the rash disappeared after a few hours. Has anyone else experienced this and has anyone got a clue whether this is connected with lymphoedema as neither my GP or specialist Nurse had a clue what was causing it.

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Hi Jinger - could it be a reaction to the sun - the stockings do not filter out all UV light?

it could be the sun but also legs are likelier to get warmer than usual because the skin is covered

stockings don't give sun protection...found that out the hard way. I get red rashes in the sun on non lymphoedema bits so you may just have sensitivity to sunlight a bit?

I had trouble with my arm on holiday in Croatia that I think was possibly sensitivity to strength of sun, or to suncream, or to salty sea water etc etc but upshot was increase in swelling. My GP prescribed a corticosteroid to deal with the rash and I made sure I moisturised properly and wore armsleeve and glove religously and it went back to 'normal' for me.

Thanks for your answers. It's strange as the rash only appears on the front of my shins and nowhere else. It's only happened the past two summers, and never any other time of the year when the sun's out. Oh well, another excuse not to go out in the sun - I don't cope well in warm/hot weather nowadays anyway

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