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When leaking edema is now gushing, what does it represent?

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My daughter's Leaking edema is now worse; it is affecting both limbs, back, etc. It is now gushing and filling up socks. She has pulmonary hypertension and cardiac failure. What does this mean?

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She needs help from either a district or practice nurse, to apply highly absorbent dressings under bandages. Very distressing situation for you all - but your daughter should be seen urgently.

Acute heart failure?? Best to go to hospital. Call for advice.

I agree with Lynora, but what help stop my leaking leg was moisturiser. I rubbed in some where the leak was and the surrounding skin and the leak stopped. The nurse I had gave me some small absorbent dressings, but it was the moisturiser which stopped the leak. I'm prescribed Doublebase Gel but other moisturisers should work in the same way .

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