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permanant problem what to wear on your feet ? Mine are currently running haha at at a size 8 6x now there is a problem

this winter I have got by with an astonishing pair of boots that one can hardly say are beautiful but do at least enable me to leave the house occaisionly. With summer approaching I have been looking for shoes that will support me and be fun! Cosyfeet offer the only choices but alack they do not go large enough for my very swollen foot so now I HAVE HAD THE EXCITEMENT OF THEM ARRIVING and now :( packing them back up to send them back..........ah you have all been there havent you it is darstardly because we LOVE shoes pretty shoes. oh well that is a bit better I shall try blokes now xgins

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When my left foot was at its largest, it was a 6 EEEEEE and boy, did I have problems in the summer trying to get footwear that was comfy! My ideas of wearing pretty little sandals soon went out of the window as well! I'm a great lover of Crocs and found that if I got a pair that was 2 sizes bigger than I would normally wear (it says Women's 8 underneath), put them in hot enough water, they softened up enough to squeeze my feet into then I 'set' them by standing in the bath with them still on and ran cold water over them using the shower head. They're quirky and not everyone likes the look of them but they come in many colours. I think I've got 9 pairs now and would be very unhappy if I could no longer get them. I love how the bobbles inside them gently massage my feet as I walk and I'd even rather wear them around the house instead of slippers. They have many styles too but I stick to the Classic, Cayman or Baya styles as they're more of a 'mule' style and you can either wear the strap at the back of the foot or push it forward so you can slip your feet in and out. I even have a pair that are fleecy lined (Mammoth) which I have been known to wear out in the snow!

I do tend to wear Karrimor men's walking trainers that are lace up and I can easily fit my 'elephant' foot into without it hurting in bad weather.

If I have to wear 'proper' sandals I tend to go for ones with velcro straps so they are easy to adjust quickly if needed. I have tried several brands but not all have long enough velcro straps. The ones I do like and are really comfy are Cosyfeet 'Bright'. They go upto a size 9 with a EEEEE width but still have plenty of room to fit a EEEEEE width foot in without the straps pinging open as I walk. They also have an adjustable velcro strap around the heel. Only problem is, this year's colours are mushroom, navy and cream (I have red ones that I got last year). There is a company that has sandals with velcro straps and you can buy extenders to fit on them that match but I can't think who they are at the mo. When I remember I'll post it up for you. they also have better colours. Not cheap but they last ages. Cushion Walk sandals can go upto an EEEEEE width too but not all companies stock the larger widths. These too are velcro strap ones and quite comfy too.

Overall I have come to the conclusion that I really hate shoe shopping - it makes me angry that high street shops don't cater for us and why do the larger width shoes/sandals have to look mostly granny style??? Grrrrr


Oh my goodness you are so right I know exactly where you are coming from - Now those extra wide extensions come from cosey feet .i am of to try guys shoes now better a bloke than a granny :) xgins


Hi, I just asked this question earlier, Has nobody came up with a Garment department who sells clothes with expander inserts to help with swollen limbs, and also shoe designs that don't resemble an elephants sock.

I cant believe that with the stats as high as they are for us, that no Hospital has had a department designated to this and only this, We could access on line try before we buy. I think i may even do some samples myself and show the consultant what type of things we need. Blouses which can have expanding panels in lycra to accommodate the limb, trousers that can be expanded by opening a button as the limbs go up or down.

Nice leather gloves which can expand on the sides on each finger and over the top of hands.

Shoes that don't look like they belong to the orthopedic department.

How do you all feel about this guys, do you think if we had an online department that catered for this do you think it would take off?

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Ooh, Beverly that would be wishful thinking! The problem is, a lot of companies think they'd be throwing money down the drain if they expanded into this sort of field. I think we need to lobby the companies to consider things like this but we need to club together to do it as they won't listen to just a few voices.

Maybe it's a campaign that could be looked into by LSN, or have they already tried it in the past?


I am seriously thinking of running this past my Consultant, Maybe a grant from the Lottery could get it of the ground as a Tester.

I know a real good seamstress who could do a few samples if i drew her the type of thing i have in mind. She has made most of my clothes for me over the years when my limbs were at their biggest.

My Husbands sat here going ooh dear Bev's got the bit between her teeth everyone look out hehe. It really makes me angry that we do not have an on line supplier of adjustable garments that can be made for us.

All we need to do it take an online count of how many people would use a service like this and then we would get a better feel for it being a valuable business for someone to lead the way forward.

I am sure if we had this established in Scotland then others would want to follow. Or is this just me, but i get angry that i should be made wear something that looks like its part of a tent ,rather than making me feel elegant..

Sorry guys I always just want to do things now, but i wont apologise for trying to make people feel good about themselves. Its bad enough that we live with this condition but all I would like to see is that when anyone with Lymph goes out into a public places we don't have to be reminded of our condition because our clothes don't fit/hang in a nice way to detract everyone's eyes away from our swollen limbs.

My rant for the day is over, Sorry


i have to wear mens canvas shoes inn summer but i am now wearing toning trainers and my feet are much better for it hope this helps


flyflots and hotters do some wider shoes and bigger sizes too but not cheap, but ive wasted money on shoes i thought suitable only to find them uncomfortable.


angelbabe were u the one with itching hands, lost the post from the other day. You were going to the GP to arrange allergy tests?? Have I got it right? did you go?



The Shoe Taylor is now selling EEEEE fitting summer shoes that look quite good guys, so worth a look only £25, very modern style.


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