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LLLT day 8

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Keeping it real for day 8 of Lymphoedema Looks Like this

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I agree should be a lymphedema awareness day. I never knew much about it until 18 months ago when my legs and feet both got so big and I had a bad case of cellulitis as well which took 2 courses of antibiotics to clear. I wear compression stockings which have helped a little but I also have M.S and osteoarthritis. I am so grateful to the lymphedema clinic at the James's Paget Hospital. For every person who suffers from this I do feel for you all. Please take care and keep well and safe.


I totally agree with the statement that through hard work and the NHS but, what when trained lymphoedema support is in short supply and the clinic supports only those in palliative care? I had an unfortunate 3 year spell away from compression where I constantly had skin infections. A recent hospitalization (one of 4 this year) for cellulitis allowed me some respites as I enjoyed the bed's raised incline for my legs. The cessation of the IV antibiotics and a normal bed with pillows supporting my legs had a return to swollen/infected legs. As the hospital consultant remarked; "We're unsure whether the lymphoedema is driving the infection or the infection is driving the lymphoedema. We'll just have to manage the results as they come".

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Have you looked at the management of cellulitis document on the website? you may need to be on a regular low dose of antibiotics

I have that document (also copied to GP and practice nurse who administers Doppler screening) and GP has trialled 250mg clarithromycin (2D) as a prophylactic dose but it was ineffective. Choice of antibiotics is more complex because of multiple antibiotic allergies & intolerances. The main factor in the clinical decision was a wound swab which grew both staph aureus and pseudomonas (colonisation versus causative pathologent?) Plan of action is to maintain elevation, use of emollient creams and bandaging to lessen frequency of infections.

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