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open toe or closed toe Compression Stocking for Lymphedema?

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Hello everyone. I want to buy Compression Stocking for my leg Lymphedema. I'm thinking which one is better? open toe or close toe? what is he difference between them? I'm grateful to have this group and you for my doubts and question.

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Open toe is used in conjunction with a foot cap (like a glove for toes). This is prescribed for patients with lymphoedema in their feet and toes. If you’re not affected in your feet/toes then closed toe would be appropriate

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Many many thanks. You mean closed toe don't put any pressure on toes. so helpful

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You can use either option. If your feet/toes are affected, open toe with toe caps is beneficial, as mentioned by CCT67. If your feet are unaffected, open toe can be used, especially if you get ‘hot feet’ or predominately wear open toed shoes. I see you are in Iran - do you have access to medical facilities appropriate for lymphoedema management? Could they supply products for you to try?

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Thanks dear. unfortunately NO! it's awful! We only could buy Sigvaris stocking and it is so expensive and only very poor bandage (not at all Rosidal k and...) but I have some good friends overseas and usually they buy and send for me.(definitely I give them in cash when they travel to Iran) do you know a good site in a America except of "" ? An online store that offer free shipping within The USA ?

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This site is based in London. I live in Scotland. There are several members in the US - hopefully someone will be able to give you details of US providers.

Juzo and BSN products are available in the US - do you have someone who could take accurate measurements of your leg so that you can buy a suitable garment?

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hopefully all products have a exact measurement chart so yes. I do it myself☺️

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Bright Life Direct is also a US web compression shop. Depending on how much is spent on products shipping may be free with in US

Compression Guru is another web shop. They have free shipping in the US but it’s slow. Faster shipping is available at a cost.

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Does it not depend on which ones you can comfortably wear for hours and hours in a day?

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I was prescribed closed toe compression stockings and after 3 months I had ingrown nails on both big toes which I had never had before. This needed nail surgery and since changing to open toe I’ve had no problems

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Hello and Happy New Year to all.

I was prescribed open toe compressions to try and keep my legs cool because I have Lymphoedema in both lower legs but also varicose excema so my legs get very itchy.

They are fine but they slide up and wrinkle on my foot so if my feet are hot and start to swell, the stocking are tight on that area.

I am now going to ask my Lymphoedema Nurse to prescribe me close toe.

Good luck with your compressions, make sure you get the correct measurements of your leg before buying any. 😊

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I was prescribed closed toe as the swelling had spread to my foot. [It has since increased so I describe my feet as little puff balls.] I was concerned at first as I have suffered with athlete's foot most of my adult life. However I more carefully look after my feet and this has not been a problem. I have rather prominent big toes so was concerned that my toes would work through the fabric. Again not a problem.

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I like open toe during warm weather and allows me to wear flip flops/sandals readily. Closed toe in colder weather is ideal as keeps my foot warmer!


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I just wear a normal, relatively loose ankle sock over my open toe compression stocking. I found the closed-toe stocking unbearable to wear. It also means I can remove the sock whenever I want, ie. if I want to put flip-flops on, just as I've always done. I do however find that the open toe of the stocking can slip and become uncomfortable, BUT I have a solution. I put a strip of kinesio tape on the top and bottom, which adheres to my foot. I don't feel it during the day, and when I wash the stocking, the tape is easy to remove.

Hope you find a solution that suits you!

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