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Lymphoedema: Benefits of Methylprednisolone?


I am being tested for markers of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) tomorrow morning...but I think it is obvious I have lymphoedema since I had a two tests earlier this year and the technician showed me the lymph build up in my left ankle/foot. I also have an enlarged elbow (with what looks like a bursa sac but probably is just more lymphoedema). I told my primary doctor about the pain I am having as well as swelling in both leg and elbow....and that is when she ordered the test for markets for RA.

The reason I am writing this is to let everyone know that I took methylprednisolone (4 mg steroids) almost complete pac over Easter weekend. The swelling in both my ankle/foot and elbow went way down and the pain went away for the few blessed days that I took the steroids and a couple days after I ran out. (The pac I had was left over from a prescription that I started one day back in November 2020 but did not finish as I hated to take them and I was fine at that time so I stopped.) Well, I told my primary doctor about the steroids and how they made me feel great with no pain-- her response was "Hmmmmm- that is interesting... " and she setup the test I am having tomorrow. I think it is a total waste of time but have to check it out.

The real issue is "can you take steroids to cure lymphoedema or is it only temporary?" and I have kidney issues now and do not/ should not be taking anything that can make that worse. I am doing the diet and drinking plenty of water and trying to exercise but my foot hurts so much I can hardly standup or walk.

I saw a comment about how a cortisone shot had helped someone else. Maybe it was the same situation I had-- steroids/cortisone can temporarily help the symptons of lymphoedema but they cannot cure?????? Does anyone know? Does my doctor know? I hope to ask that question of her in the next couple weeks if/when I get to see her. Thank you and hope you don't get what I have! It really hurts!

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In addition, I have extreme itchy skin (ankle/foot) and the steroids stopped that as well for the Easter weekend.

I don't know how it works in the US but no doubt there are official guidelines as to how medications can be used.

From what I've read, drug therapy for lymphoedema is very much in the experimental stage and there are various research groups who have published some papers on the subject. If you're feeling motivated it might be an idea to look around the internet and maybe try and contact some research groups to share your experience - you might just help push back the frontiers of science


Emma1966 in reply to Perido

There was some research around primary lymphodema being mainly an inflammatory condition than a 'damaged lymph vessel' condition - they were testing some antiinflammatories. So no reason why steroids wouldnt have some effect

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